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How to Get Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin is one of the major digital currencies in the market that is only available online. The currency derives its value from social interaction as it does not have its own value. Its price and value are formed as a result of communication.

The law of supply and demand is applied in the cryptocurrency world too and that is why Bitcoin has a lot of similarities with the fiat currencies. Currently, the supply of Bitcoin is limited and that is why its value has been on the rise in the recent past. The introduction of cryptocurrency has helped to address some of the issues facing financial systems such as constant inflation, centralized control, and unresolved security issues.

Therefore, individuals that understand the value of Bitcoins are always looking out for ways of getting as many Bitcoins as possible. Consequently, there is a high demand for Bitcoins as most people try to get their Bitcoin. As most people continue to discover its value, its price remains competitive due to its predetermined supply.

Therefore, most people find it hard to buy Bitcoin due to the high price. However, there are certain strategies and tools that one can use to accumulate free coins within the shortest time possible.  The following are example of strategies that one can use to get free Bitcoins;

  1. Tip

This is a slightly different method as compared to other ways of getting free Bitcoins. It is possible to get free Bitcoins from tipping works especially when one is very creative and strategic. For instance, one can come up with some online content and wait for the users to decide whether the content is useful or not.

The users then decide the amount of money to pay when the content is appealing to their needs. Platforms such as Reddit can help one to earn a few cents after posting some useful content.  There are some generous users that give you a good number of dollars as tips when the posted content appeals to their interests.

  1. Playing games to earn Bitcoins

There are some Bitcoin games that can earn you free Bitcoins without any form of investment.  You can actually earn some free Bitcoin by simply playing the games. Such games are compared to a fun faucet that can enable you to earn some money while having some fun on the internet.

It is possible to earn a small amount of Bitcoin by playing games like;

  • Bitcoin Aliens
  • Coinbrawl
  • ChopCoin

Gambling is normally classified as a game too but one needs some investment in order to participate. Therefore, it is advisable to look for games that do require any investment.

  1. Earn free Bitcoins by answering questions

The Bitfortip website is a new platform that provides an opportunity for individuals to earn free Bitcoins as a reward for answering some questions. The person that posts the question must have a reward in form of Bitcoins. It takes some serious online research in order to get answers to some of the questions that are posted on the website.

You may be asked to find state the prices for certain mobile phone brands or the best platform for Bitcoin advertising. The inquirer determines the amount of Bitcoin they will give as a reward after the question has been successfully answered. However, inquirers are expected to offer a minimum of 0.0001 BTC as a reward. According to the current bitcoin price, the minimum reward is estimated to be $0.06.

However, it is important to point out that you cannot earn much from this website as only two questions are posted every week. You can check out the website as it might just become a viable income source as the site continues to gain more traffic.

  1. Opening a faucet / rotator

This is one of the most recent methods of earning free Bitcoin and is suitable for individuals to spend a lot of time online. You can either come up with a Bitcoin faucet rotator or go through the trouble of managing a faucet.

A rotator website makes it possible for you to go through a wide range of faucets without having to open a new tab or website all the time. There are referral links to each faucet and each one gets an opportunity to earn a commission any time you visit a particular faucet. Websites with a referral program like Coinbase can enable to earn a good number of Bitcoins as commission.

Bitcoin faucets do not last for long and that is why the rotators need good maintenance. This involves ensuring that the rotator site is updated on a regular basis. You can end up earning free Bitcoin when your rotator has a lot of traffic.

  1. Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading has become popular in the recent past and this has led to the emergence of many different forms of Bitcoin trading. It is advisable to have the required knowledge before you can start Bitcoin trading. Some of the most notable forms of Bitcoin trading include Bitcoin binary options, Bitcoin contracts for difference, and Bitcoin day trading.

The Bitcoin binary options provide you with an opportunity to earn some free Bitcoins when you correctly predict Bitcoin prices within a specified period of time. You are expected to predict whether the price will rise or fall. In this case, one ends up losing their investment when they make an incorrect prediction or earn the payoff for a particular binary option. In fact, this is considered to be a form of gambling. Bitcoin day trading involves analyzing short-term price fluctuations in order to get some profit from buying or selling Bitcoin.

  1. Bitcoin affiliate marketing

There are quite a number of affiliate programs that one can use to generate a good number of Bitcoins. In this case, one is expected to promote a particular product or service in exchange for some Bitcoin depending on the number of sales resulting from your marketing efforts. You get a commission in form of Bitcoin anytime a person buys a product you are promoting.

To sum up…

There are many ways of getting free coins if you do not have the money to purchase your own Bitcoins. You are only required to select a suitable online platform that helps you get new Bitcoins. However, free Bitcoin will cost you a lot of you time and this is a sacrifice you should be willing to make in order to get free Bitcoins.


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