Home Wordpress Get More Followers With 5 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins For 2018!

Get More Followers With 5 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins For 2018!

Get More Followers With 5 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins For 2018!

Instagram and WordPress are powerful tools when it comes to the promotion and marketing of your business website. When you combine them together, you effectively can get a strategic edge in the market. Both of them are known for promoting your business however if you use a WordPress Instagram plugin you have unwieldy better customer engagement and double the number of followers you have on your business website today. The more the followers, the better will be your lead conversions and sales!You can buy active Instagram views also.

Discover popular WordPress Instagram Plugin for Promoting your business

The following are the popular WordPress Instagram plugins for marketing and promoting your business online

1.Enjoy Instagram – This plugin gives you several options for your WordPress website. You can also import content from hashtags and specific user profiles. It gives you widgets and short-codes so that social media integration is simple for you. You can incorporate content feeds in your profile, and the visuals you choose are displayed in both carousel and grid modes. Before you opt for this Instagram WordPress plugin, you should check the demo link on the plugin page to get a clear idea of how it works.

2.Instagram Journal – If you are looking for a premium Instagram WordPress plugin for your business website, Instagram Journal will work for you. It also has a free version that you can opt for in case you do not wish to opt for the premium version at the outset. With this plugin, you can get a variety of features to help you find the right kind of Instagram integration for your WordPress business site. You get the option of filtering photographs by choosing to display content from specific users. This includes the photos you have liked, items that have been tagged with hashtags and more. This WordPress Instagram plugin is ideal for business owners that are looking for ways and means to include a variety of photos on their websites to engage and connect with their targeted audience. If you are in search of a gallery for your site, you will find that Instagram Journal gives you an impressive range of gallery options for displaying the content of your choice. Here, you can choose from different gallery sizes, color schemes, photograph layouts and other features you can use for promoting and displaying your content. Like all Instagram WordPress plugins, check the demo before you install it.

3.Grace – This is one of the most highly rated Instagram WordPress plugins available on the Internet today. It is simple for you to install on your business website. All you need to do is activate the plugin so that you can begin exploring the available options for your site. Some of the salient features you get with this Instagram WordPress plugin is you can choose the accounts from where you wish to source your images from. You can display pictures from specific hashtags, locations, images that users have liked and more. There is an option available with this plugin where you may exclude content as well. This feature is displayed before you publish the content and it gives you better control over posts that are shown on your business site. If you are looking for a plugin that provides you with display options, Grace will not disappoint you. It gives you a vast array of options for layouts where you can determine how your images are displayed on the screen. You can even display data like follower counts and their avatar. This plugin also allows you to enable the social sharing feature as well. This allows you to increase followers, views, and likes. However, if you are looking for a quick increase in likes, followers, and views, you can buy them from Gramblast.com. If you are looking for a useful tool for displaying Instagram content on your WordPress site, you should choose Grace. This plugin integrates with the Visual Composer to help you with content that fits your custom web designs.

4.Flexi Instagram Feed – If you are looking for different layouts for displaying your content on your business website, this plugin is the perfect one for your needs. You get both the carousel and grid formats. You also have the option to choose the Polaroid format for displaying your images on the screen in an attractive way. There is an outstanding feature where the map of the world is displayed when you set the location. This means you get more over the standard grid. It is a mobile responsive plugin, and you can access it from the Visual Composer. There are two versions- the premium and the free version. When you are using the premium version, you get a preview of the feeds while you design them for your site. This is helpful as you can change the design along the way to make sure you get the perfect post.

5.Instagram Feed – This is one of the most popular WordPress Instagram plugins for your business website. When you install this plugin, you can begin displaying images from non-private accounts on Instagram. Every feed on this plugin helps you to display feeds from a variety of sources. This means your website can get photos on a regular basis. You also have lots of control over how your photos are displayed. Like most of the Instagram WordPress plugins discussed above, this plugin is also mobile responsive. This means it will look good on any mobile device you choose.

Therefore, if you wish to integrate WordPress with Instagram, you do not have to ask a professional web developer to do it for you. You simply have to go to the official page of WordPress and search for the above 5 WordPress plugins listed above for your use. First, ascertain your needs and check the plugin that will meet and match them well. Before installing a premium plugin, check its demo on the plugin page. In this way, you can add extra features and improve the look and the visibility of your website with success!

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