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Grow & Control Negative Thoughts with iEvolve, the Self Improvement App

There is an old quote that says “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

In other words, change is good. It can lead to improvement. And today we will speak about self help and self improvement that can change your life if you include it in your daily routines.

Improve objective by objective with iEvolve

Today we have an amazing new Android app that focuses on self help. To be more precise, the app’s main purpose is “to better understand yourself by monitoring your stream of consciousness and build a capacity to understand everyone else as well”, as the author says. The app has 3 core objectives that you need to learn how to control: greed, arrogance and bitterness. iEvolve instructs you to learn objective by objective.

Be Aware & Control Your Automatic Negative Thoughts

The goal of iEvolve is to help you become aware of the negative aspects in your personality, such as bitterness, arrogance, greed and others that you can put in by yourself. As we know, we have to be aware of our thoughts and actions, so we can change them. The journey won’t be easy, not pleasant, because you will start discovering sides of yourself that you do not like. But as soon as you do, you will be able to influence your personality and progress in a much more different direction. The app will trigger notifications, reminding you to monitor your “automatic thoughts” so that you can track your cognitive violations. When you’re on the right track, you will slowly learn how to manage and control them.

Don’t forget to read the app’s instructions before you start. Download iEvolve from the Google Play Store for only $0.99 and improve your personal behavior/mood in no time.

Google Play Download Link: iEvolve


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