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Hot Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

It’s a high time to stop and think what works and what doesn’t work in your marketing strategy or campaign. If you found out that something went wrong in your marketing, feel free to use our selection of hot marketing trend to watch in 2019.

Hot Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Trend 1 – Go mobile

Though everybody uses mobile phones today, businesses are reluctant to adopt the idea of “mobilification”. Craft your own mobile strategy to engage more prospects, leads, and retain your customers. As you can see, today people are stick to their mobile phones that’s why companies started to build mobile websites. Mobile sites should not only promote your brand awareness but also communicate with your customers. For example, you may send some newsletter or text messages to people who buy your goods or use your services. Your interaction with customers must be well-structured and planned. So, think of a content plan for your mobile website. For example, you may send two or three messages a month. These messages should be different: one could entertain your audience, another one may inform them and call upon for action.

2. Trend 2- Go media

Where do you obtain important information from? More often, people read or watch the news to know what’s going on in the world. What if you provided the latest news about your company to your customers? You will hold a conversation with consumers about your goods and services. People will always know what’s new in your business. It’s a great way to inform about specials, sale, or a new range of products. The most important thing about going media is to provide quality content only. Besides, if your media is helpful for the readers and they consult your blog or website frequently, your website may come out on top. This is also a good way to advertise your company.

3. Trend 3- Artificial intelligence

Wish your customers are always satisfied with your customer support? Think of developing chatbots for the messengers your company uses to communicate with customers. Artificial intelligence technology gives a bunch of opportunities to provide high-quality support to consumers at any time of the day. What you need is to find a trusted software development company which will build a chatbot for your specific needs and requirements. You can launch chatbots on your website or some messenger to interact with your customers and engage new prospects.  

4. Trend 4 – User-generated content

The era of SEO traffic is coming to an end. Google takes into consideration how many reviews you get from your customers on Facebook, Google, etc. Inspire your customers to share their opinion about the goods and services you sell.  These reviews attract more prospects and engage other people to try your products. To realize the idea of user-generated content, you should plan carefully what channels you will use.

5. Trend 5 – Video content

Content is king. Video content is queen, then? Today’s generation prefers video over text. Business owners must pay attention to that fact. Videos are more engaging than the other types of content. People trust videos more. Videos can tell a story about your company better than your website. What can you do to engage people with the help of video? Make a short movie about your business and place it on your landing page, for example. So, users will see who you are and why you are doing this or that business.

6. Trend 6 – Value over all

It is presumed, that marketing specialists must provide strong call to actions. However, today people trust those companies that bring value to their lives. Keep telling your story on all the marketing channels you have. Think creatively, write creatively. Think of new ideas that can express fully the main concepts of your business.

Take action today. Use these 6 marketing trends to make your business brighter and filled with value. The next year will surely bring new tips on marketing and advertising as these trends are ever-changing. Stop focusing on the things that worked yesterday. Move with the times to stand out from your competitors. Be one step ahead of them.

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