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How Coffee Pod Machines Work

These days, coffee consumption never wanes, it only grows consistently at a higher rate. Coffee drinkers do not just sip their coffee in the morning, but any time of the day possible. With all the coffee shops springing forth anywhere in the city, you can get a single cup of coffee during lunch break, before or after work, when you go outside with friends, or simply any time you want. And if you stay at home the entire day, you can actually skip the protracted process of making a cup of coffee (especially if you’ll repeat the process thrice in a day, or even more).

Single-serve coffee brewing has become significantly popular. It has done a big favor mostly for people who want a faster way of making their cup of coffee. Pods and capsules are ubiquitous around the markets and stores. All you need is a coffee pod machine.

What is a coffee pod machine?

A coffee pod machine is your ultimate coffee maker! The pods or capsules you have bought, which are paper pouches that contain coffee inside are placed on these machines. A few minutes later, your coffee is ready to be served. Yes, as easy as one, two, three! The pods and capsules work like teabags.

How it works

Coffee machines somehow represent a peek at the future of coffee making. The sense of automation they provide signifies and inspires further advancements in today’s industries. However, how does a coffee machine work? If you haven’t tried getting your hands on one of them, continue reading to discover how.

The process is just quick and easy. To make your coffee, you will need to combine water and coffee. An important thing to take note of: the water must not be steaming hot or boiling. Only an adequate level of hotness is needed, the kind of hot that does not burn your tongue or lips when you finally get to drink that coffee. Then for the coffee itself, buy yourself a credible pod brand that does not disappoint you, the one you’ve already tried and tested, and has pleased you every time.

Make sure the coffee came from beans which have undergone the painstaking process of manufacturing. From harvesting the cherries to milling and roasting them into good coffee beans that make the awesome and authentic coffee products.

Ginhong is a reliable manufacturer for pieces of equipment that perform well and effectively when it comes to mixing, blending, homogenizing, reducing particle size, and the other operations required in the coffee making industry. If you are a coffee producer who’s looking for manufacturers of industrial mixers, you should check out this one.

Why do you need to know about the way coffee has been made? Because other brands put artificial coffee in their pods which does not taste good. Then, there’s pod packaging. Why is this also an important thing to consider? Some manufacturers do not follow the standard dimensions of a coffee pod that fits perfectly on a coffee machine. If your pod won’t fit your machine, then you won’t be able to make coffee out of it.

Machinery from AFPAK does great at relevant procedures concerning coffee products. The high performance of their machines is enough to ensure that the coffee pods or capsules are sealed and packaged correctly. With the standard size of approximately 61 millimeters, the pod shall surely fit into the coffee machine.

Here’s what happens once you’re finally ready to brew your coffee:

  • After you fill the tank of the coffee machine with water, it gets drawn and pumped through the equipment.
  • As you will need the right temperature for your coffee, a heating element inside the machine will warm up the water.
  • To increase the pressure, water is forced, passing through a narrow needle.
  • Next, the hot water will be pushed into the pod, hitting the ground coffee. The aroma and flavor of the coffee would emanate as the water continues to immerse it in itself.
  • The ground coffee does not plummet down into the mug or cup with the water because of the filter paper underneath the pod that prevents it from passing through.
  • As the process continues, the coffee moderately drips into your personal cup.
  • Your coffee is now ready!


Overall, it’s pretty much an uncomplicated process, isn’t it? Thanks to the invention of these machines, each step in making coffee is addressed in just one tool! Heating water, spooning coffee and sugar, stirring, etc. Now, you will only need to hit the right switch and voila! You’re good to go. If you worry about navigating your coffee machine with all the strange buttons present on it, always remember that a manual comes with every appliance or device. You can check it every time you get lost or don’t know which button to push. Enjoy your coffee cup!


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