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How Hackers are creating a Website Defacement Page


How Hackers are creating a Website Defacement Page :-

In recent days we seen a many hacked websites specially from India and Pakistani Hackers. These website defacement pages are looking very interesting. Hackers try to convey their messages to the particular community , country or particular government via their defacement page.

However in case of Indian and Pakistani hackers. i am totally agree with the Word of Mr. Rafay Balooch ( Security researcher from Pakistan ) .

” Ever heard about “US Cyber Army”, “Israel Cyber Army”, “UK Cyber Army” probably nops, but we would have surely heard about “PCA”, “ICA”, “BCA”. Ever wondered why these countries don’t have a cyber army or don’t have people that deface, because they don’t like to waste their time hacking and defacing stuff, instead they do some real research.

while we people are here fighting for our nations and defacing one and other country’s websites, these people on the other hand build the world’ best malware (Stuxnet, DUQU, Flame) just to name a few. While, we people are busy in taking down websites on one another’s country, these people are advancing their research (hacking into cars, compromising TV, Hijacking houses) etc.

What we can only do is fight each other, calling each other noobs and use hacking techniques that other invented for us, using exploits that other created. The point is that no one promotes real research here.

It’s time to think, It’s time to change. ”

Ok, now lets start. How Hackers are creating a Website Defacement Page :-

1. Use Deface Page Creator

Deface Page Creator is awesome tool to create website defacement page.


Download Now

2. Use Advanced Deface Creator :-

Advanced Deface Creator is another nice tool to create a Website Defacement page


Download Now

3. Deface Page Generator :-

Deface Page Generator is a another nice tool for creating a website defacement page.


Download Now

Note :- This Tutorial is for Education Purpose Only.

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