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How Is Artificial Intelligence Being Deployed Successfully?

After many years of making false starts, artificial intelligence has finally started to make headways in various sectors. AI is traditionally defined as application software that is capable of cognitive learning, fuzzy logic, and pattern recognition.
Sectors where artificial intelligence has been successfully deployed include:

  1. Law

Artificial intelligence is not only providing greater access to the law, but it is also changing how the law is practiced in various firms across the country. New systems have become available which can easily and accurately draft documents like employment and tenancy contracts to fit various customer needs.
One proven application of AI in this sector is in search automation. Law firms have started deploying e-discovery systems that can easily sift through emails and other documents to identify data and materials that may come in handy when dealing with any type of litigation.

  1. Delivery Systems

Artificial intelligence in parcel delivery systems around the world is often seen in the transportation of parcels from one point to another. In the coming days, it is expected that AI will bring about faster automation processes, risk management software, and better planning in the logistics industry.
It could also lead to the inception of self-running warehouses operating 24/7. If you look at risk management and planning, you will notice that when using AI software or hardware, the decisions that a human has to make in any business process are greatly minimized.
The system becomes automated, it is able to assess risks and come up with an actionable plan about the parcels being delivered all on its own.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

Imagine a marketing signpost that is able to sense your presence before it can display an advertisement. This is a system that is able to learn from your personal reactions to determine which adverts to display as you pass by.
At this moment in time, the artificially intelligent signposts are still in their experimental phases. But AI is continuously being deployed behind the scenes in marketing and advertising ventures.
A promising venture in this sector has been seen in the development of cognitive learning and pattern recognition systems designed to help in processing sales leads.

  1. Finance

The finance sector was one of the first industries to deploy artificial intelligence in its mainstream operations. Citibank, for instance, started working on an expert system in the early 1980s.
It is not surprising to see the financial sector displaying this kind of interest in artificial intelligence systems taking into account the fact that the sector deals with massive amounts of data.
This in addition to millions of structured transactional data held by various financial enterprises.

  1. Healthcare

Medical decision making was among the very first applications that were envisaged by the first generation artificial intelligence systems. It is a vision that has been decades in the making, but one that is slowly becoming a reality.
One of the applications already in use in this sector is Watson machine learning and natural language processing system from IBM. The system was developed as a collaborative effort with the Boston Children’s Hospital. The system helps the clinicians to identify methods that can be used to diagnose and treat rare diseases.


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