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How to add all friends in Facebook group


How to add all friends in Facebook group  :-

Facebook group is really nice feature provided by Facebook. i really loves to join any new tech group where i can easily share my experience with people who have same passion that i have with technology. Personally i loves to share tech knowledge with others, because with this method i got the self satisfaction and some experience also new things.

I have one Facebook group names Rumyittips where personally i am trying to give the answer of my friends. If you have any tech questions then ask your question in my group or Q Hacker group.

if you have own group or you want to add your friends in a group. you need to be add all friends one-by-one.

Today i am going to show you how easily you can add all friends in a Facebook group with just one click.

First you need to be open the group where you want to add friends. Like in my case i want to add my friends in my Rumyittips group.

As you seen in below image, Presently i have only 322 friends in a group.




You need to download one code from here. ( Download Now ) . it,s notepad file and it’s look like below image. Open this notepad file and press the Ctrl + A to select all the document.


Now you need to be open your browser console. To open browser console in  Google Chrome press CTRL+Shift+j   and for Firefox browser press CTRL+Shift+k .

Now Paste your code that you  copied from the above link in the console mode and press Enter.



it will start adding your friend.


it will detect your all friends and it will add it.



Now click on the Refresh Page to update your list.


Finally i added new 262 friends in my group with one click.



Thanks vijay to create a YouTube video on my article.


Enjoy this trick.

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