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How to Back Up and Restore Mail in Lion Mac OSX

How-to-Back-Up-and-Restore-Mail-in-Lion-Mac-OSXHow to Back Up and Restore Mail in Lion Mac OSX :-

Email is primary way of communication on internet and we are using emails for our daily personal and professional work. it,s always good practices to keep backup of your important emails. like other email client application like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, Mac mail also comes with import and export option for mail.

Open your Mail and Right-click on the email folder that you want to take backup and select the ” Export mailbox ” option


Now it will ask your location to save your mail-backup. it,s good practices to save this data in external disk.


Now on the other Mac  or same where you want to import your email, Open the mail widget , then click on the File > Import Mailboxes option.


now select the ” Apple Mail ” option and click on continue.


After completion of importing, You have all email in Imported email folder. 🙂


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