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How to Build Your Own App for Free

How to Build Your Own App for Free

How to Build Your Own App for Free ?

Few days before my own developer friend Mr. Ambrish Khushwaha ask me to develop apps for my website. But now i find my self as basic app developer without coding knowledge.

Today i am going to show you How to Build Your Own App for Free without coding knowledge .

1. Appmaker :-  Appmaker is one of the most popular sites for creating apps. Over ten thousand apps have been successfully created suing this platform. It lets you create apps for the IOS, Android and Windows Platform. With a free account you can create a basic classic-styled app, and you will have to pay a small fee if you want more features and customization options.

Appmaker will guide you you each step of the app creation process; the result of every step that  you select will be  reflected in the  simulator on the right side of the screen. This will enable you to see the app as it progresses through the various stages of development.

You can add images, text, video, audio, HTML, etc. Once you are done  with creating your app, AppMakr will  also help you with publishing it on the app stores. You can test the app and even update it after it is published. While developing an app using the

AppMakr platform is free, you will have to bear with the ads included in your app. If you do not wish to include ads, you will have to opt for the paid service. With the paid service, you can monetize your apps too; you can add your own channel or select from the list of available channels. AppMakr is perfect for creating RSS feed-based apps for your website, blog, etc.

Open www.appmakr.com and enter website name or Keyword.

It will fetch your data

the result of every step that you select will be reflected in the simulator on the right side of the screen


once you are registered, you are able to Add & Edit contents, Play for Free and Monetieze your apps.

2. www.appsgeyser.com

Open www.appsgeyser.com/ and click on the option Create apps option.

Now choose your apps type

Now fill your details and click on the option Create Apps.

Now your apps is ready for download

Now click on Publish option to publish on the Google Play option.

Hope you like my post How to Build Your Own App for Free . Please Share with others.

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