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How to check if a shortened link is safe or no

How-to-check-if-a-shortened-link-is-safe-or-noHow to check if a shortened link is safe or no :-

URL Shortening services are really popular these days. It helps in making short URLs to share on Twitter or other social media websites. But it has also increased the security risks. Now days, cyber criminals use short URLs to hide their malicious links. And you cannot identify a malicious link just by looking at it. Most of the poplar URL shortening services like Goo.gl or bit.ly have ability to check and block malicious websites. But these websites also fail sometimes. And other less popular URL shortening services cannot detect malicious websites. So, there is always a risk of exposing yourself to various attacks by clicking on the link.

Today i am going to show you How to check if a shortened link is safe or no with online services ?

1. www.trueurl.net

with trueurl.net, you can check the short url and spam url links. You have also option to use the IE , Firefox and Chrome extensions.


2. www.urluncover.com 

URL Uncover is really simple and easy to use. Just visit the website and then paste the short URL in the URL field.  Click on uncover button to check the target URL and its trust level. After clicking on the button, it lists destination URL Title, Description and trust level. It uses McAfee site advisor to tell the website trust level. Trust level helps you to check whether the website is safe to use of not. It also lists the screenshot of website to give an idea of website.

How to check if a shortened link is safe or no1

3. CheckShortURL – Your shortened URL expander

CheckShortURL is an expand link facility: it allows you to retrieve the original URL from a shortened link before clicking on it and visiting the destination.


4. LongURL | The Universal Way to Expand Shortened URLs

Avoid phishing, malware, and viruses by examining short URLs before visiting them. Find out where links really take you.


5. URL X-ray: Find out where shortened URLs lead to without clicking


so be safe with short url.

Hope you like my post.How to check if a shortened link is safe or no. Please share with others.


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