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How to Choose a Radar Detector

How to Choose a Radar Detector

Everyone is guilty of unintentionally breaking the speed limit every now and then. Relying on gauges can be often be misleading, which is why having a radar detector can ease your life immensely.

Before dwelling on talking about radar detectors, let us first understand what they actually are and their importance in everyday life.

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Understanding Radar Detectors

Technology is as good as our understanding of it. Some people consider radar detectors as an added expense whereas others perceive it as a worthy investment.

So what exactly are they?

Well, radar detectors are an electronic device which is primarily used by motorists to identify if their speed is being monitored by the law authorities via a radar gun.

This can ultimately result in adjusting the speed limits of the surrounding area and avoid being fined.

How to Choose a Radar Detector?

Often times, people are skeptical when it comes to purchasing things which they don’t have complete knowledge about.

So what exactly does investing in a radar detector give you?

The answer: freedom to simply relax and drive confidently without worrying about breaking any rules or paying excessive fines.

Here are the key factors which you need to consider before choosing a radar:

Three Types of Radars

There are 3 main type of radar detectors:

  1. Corded
  2. Cordless
  3. Remote Mounted

Each category has a trade-off and their use is entirely dependent on the preference of the buyer. So for instance, if someone wants an easy to install radar then they might like the idea of having a corded radar. However, on the other hand, some people might want a radar which does not have to be plugged in at all times. Which is why cordless and remote mounted might be a better option.

Identify your preference, read the trade-offs of each category and then choose the type which satisfies your needs.

Laser Detection

It is important to find a radar detector which is omnidirectional. In order to find a radar which covers 360-degrees, you need to ensure that it has two laser sensors. As opposed to sensors with one laser, 360-degrees are more expensive but can provide better reliability and coverage.

Sensitivity and Selectivity

Radar detectors have two modes:

  1. Highway mode: This is the default level of sensitivity for majority of the radars available in the market. It can differentiate between different bands of signals, lasers and various roadside signs.
  2. City mode: This mode has lesser sensitivity which is especially useful when it comes to urban driving since the number of radar guns, for instance automatic door openers, increases in urban areas.

Voice and Visual Alerts

Driving requires extreme concentration which is why having a radar detector with voice alerts can be very beneficial. It enables the drivers to keep their focus on the road. Visual alerts are similar as well, they flash when a signal has been detected and can be considered as an added benefit.

Integrated GPS Technology

Radars with integrated GPS technology can help you remember the areas you have already travelled before. Since different areas have different speed limits, the GPS integrated radar detectors can warn you beforehand.

Long Range and High Sensitivity

If you select a radar detector which does not provide long range and isn’t that accurate then it defeats the purpose of purchasing one in the first place. So doing research on the amount of range a radar detector provides is very important.

Can you think of more helpful tips for those looking to buy a radar detector? Comment below and let us know.

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