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How to Connect a Speaker to a Laptop

Even though most of the machines these days come with built-in speakers, there is always space for a good sound system. Take the example of the laptop; even if they have built-in speakers you cannot watch a movie or have excellent music experience, by these speakers, you will require bigger ones which have better sound quality and bass. When you buy these computer speakers, they come with the manual on how to attach them to your system and other appliances.

But most people skip that part and try to connect them on their own. Usually, these manuals are way too complicated to be understood by common people. The steps are quite simple, here is the complete guide.

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Connection through wires

Connection through wires is the most convenient way to establish a connection. The laptops and computers usually have an audio jack, where you can easily connect your headphones and speakers. Normally, speakers have an audio input connector. The standard input connector is 3.5mm. Plug in the wires in the audio jack.

These types of speakers usually require electric supply. Some of these are battery rechargeable too. Both have equally good sound quality and have the same connection procedure. Do not get confused in the audio jack as there might be multiple options available. The audio jack will have a small sign of headphones over it. The other one is available for my connection. Usually, the audio jack is indicated with the green color too.

Connection through Bluetooth

When you are talking about versatility, Bluetooth connection is the best. Usually, in wire connection, you cannot connect your speakers to the appliances like phones and tabs, as their audio jacks are of different sizes. The sound quality can get affected by it. Bluetooth connection makes it easier to connect them with other appliances as well. Turn on your devices Bluetooth.

Usually, speakers Bluetooth option is already turned on, but if there is a button available, turn it on. Search through your cell phone. When you see the speaker on the list, choose it, and the connection will be established. Repeat the same procedure for your any other device.

Connection through USB

It also falls under the category of connection through wires, but instead of 3.5mm connector, USB port is used for the connection. Connect the wire to the speaker and insert it in the USB port. It might slow down your laptop for a few minutes as the required drivers will start to download automatically.

If there is any problem in installing driver, insert the cd, that is provided with the speakers. Step by step instructions will be given too, follow as quidded.


Check the sound quality is an important step too. It is recommended to test the speakers before you buy them. When you are done with all the following steps. Play anything on the laptop for checking the sound quality, if you think that the sound is not clear or distorted, twist or turn the wire. If the problem is still there, take out the connector from audio jack and insert it again.

In case, if you hear no sound, the problem is with the connections, recheck them. Also, check that volume is set to audible level.

Sound adjustment

You can adjust the sound on your laptop through the volume option given on your computer screen. There is also an option available on the speakers themselves.  Turn the volume up. If you still have any problem, go to the control panel and select the devices option. You can adjust the sound setting accordingly from here.