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How to Delete the Uncategorized Category in WordPress

How to Delete the Uncategorized Category in WordPressHow to Delete the Uncategorized Category in WordPress :-

WordPress is one of the best and awesome platform of blogging in these day. When you install WordPress, it,s comes with a default category names “Uncatogorized “. Because WordPress give the full authority to customize the category as per your requirement.

The problem that i face in these day with uncatogized category is, Google Webmaster tool is showing me 404 error on this page because of may be i forget in my articles to categorized .


By default, WordPress will not allow you to remove the uncatogorized category because of default category.

Go to the Post > Categories > Uncategorized . You have no option to delete this category.


Nothing to worry about it. Go to Settings > Writing > in the Default post Category select any other category and click on the Save Settings.


Now again go to Post > Category . Now you have the option to delete the Uncatogorized category. Select the Uncatrgorized option and delete it.


Now your work is finish.


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