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How to find the best food truck pos system for your business

How to find the best food truck pos system for your business

Operating a food truck can be overwhelming without the right tools. One of the most effective ways of getting help is by investing in a Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

What is POS?

In general, Point-of-Sale is defined by any location where a transaction may happen. You can simply associate it with a market or mall or a restaurant. The term point of purchase is another way to describe it and refers to the area around cashier or a counter where payment is accepted.

But the one question that comes to your mind: “There are so many available. So how do I pick one?”

Well the good news is that we have decided to help you out with that question. Follow these simple steps to find the perfect POS system for your business.

Know your needs

Now there are two approaches to pick a food truck POS system for your business: based on features, or based on costs.

Based on Features:-

If particular features are your priority then you should pick a POS system first but if you’re worried about the cost then you should pick a credit card processor and then choose a POS system that processor can support.

When you choose a POS based on features, you would need to list down the features that are important to you. We have listed the main ones below:

  • Online ordering for in-person pickup (restaurants)
  • Delivery tracking for food or non-food businesses (pizza shops, florists)
  • Age verification/ID prompt (liquor stores, tobacco sales)
  • Integrated appointment or class calendars (healthcare, beauty salons, yoga studios)

Based on Cost:-

If you have already reviewed the above list, we hope that now you know the features that might be important to you. When cost is your priority picking the processor first is probably going to save your time and will provide you more options. Credit card processors usually offer various brands and models of equipment, so you’ll be able to choose a system that fits both your needs and your budget.

Proprietary POS systems or not:

Some POS systems are proprietary, meaning that only certain processors can work with it. There are pros as well as cons of such systems.

A pro is that you won’t need to do a lot of research regarding pricing of multiple processors. Only pricing you get will be from the processor that supports the equipment.

A con is that you don’t have the power of bargain. Since the processor knows that they are your only option.

Decide if you’ll buy or lease:

Another point that you shouldn’t ignore is how you’re going to pay for the POS system. POS systems are generally more expensive than credit card machines. Some companies provides you the option to lease equipment instead of purchasing it outright. The benefit is that you won’t have to pay upfront. However, remember that leasing equipment can cost over time. Be sure to check the math yourself and decide what option will be better for you.

The above tips will help you find the right system for your business in no time.


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