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How to Find your broadband connection’s top speed



How to Find your broadband connection’s top speed :-

Online tools can check the speed of your broadband connection, but their snapshot figures don’t tell the whole story. Your speed can increase or decrease through the day, especially if your connection is share with others.

JD’s Auto Speed Tester ( Download Now ) tells you when your internet connection is at the best.

Connect the PC you are using directly into your Router with an Ethernet cable. Now put your Power option to never sleep. To open open Power option open the Run command and enter the command powercfg.cpl .


Now here change your setting to never .


Now open the software and Click Run test. it will perform the first test , then wait for the cycle time before repeating the test. if you want to minimize while test, Click on the “Send to Tray ” option.



Leave the test running for at least 24 hours to get a good view of how your network operates throughout the day.


You have the option to Save your report spreadsheet. if you want to change the graph view look then click on the Display and pick your color.



Collect data from more than one day to get a full picture of your connection. Click on the AvGraph button to see your best and worst download times.



Enjoy your speed test.

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