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How to Fix Olpair Error on Kodi?

We believe that you must be a fan and regular user of Kodi and so you have arrived at this article today because you might be facing the same openload pair error on Kodi like other users. Don’t worry, we are here to help you to resolve the issues and get rid of your frustration.

You must be facing the Olpair error with some video add-ons that you installed. If you see the prompt “No stream available or stream authorization failed” while attempting to watch a video then you are at the right place. Olpair is a server that helps you watch videos on Kodi but users have started facing issues with Olpair. There are many others pairing error like olpair which are annoying for users. Check this tutorial to fix https://vshare.eu/pair streaming authorization error on Kodi. So in this article We will show you three methods of resolving this pairing issue.

Solve Olpair.com Streaming Error (Complete Guide)

#Method 1: The first method is called stream authorization method and you can follow the below steps to use this method.

  1. First, open ‘Kodi’ player.
  2. Select any video add-on on Kodi home screen.
  3. Start any video in that add-on.
  4. Now it will give you an option to see the list of available servers and show it to you if you click Ok.
  5. Now from the list that can be seen on screen, select ‘Olpair’ or ‘Open load’ server.
  6. Now you will again see a prompt ‘Stream authorization is required for this server’.
  7. So go to the browser and visit ‘https://olpair.com’.
  8. You will be able to see the IP address of your device as below.
  9. Solve the captcha by clicking ‘I am not a robot’ and then click ‘Pair’.
  10. You will now see the successful pairing message as below. That means you have resolved the issue and can watch videos on Kodi without issues.

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#Method 2: Another method of solving this issue is using a VPN and called Hosters with captchas method. Just follow below steps.

  1. Just select any video add-on from Kodi home screen as described in the first method.
  2. Now right click on the add-on and select ‘settings’ option.
  3. Now go to ‘playback’ option.
  4. When you see ‘Hosters with captchas’ option, just turn it off.

Now you will be able to see the videos seamlessly.

#Method 3: The third and last method to solve the Olpair issue is using URL resolver. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Open ‘Kodi’ player.
  2. Go to ‘settings’ from a top left menu.
  3. Now select ‘system settings’ option.
  4. Now change the ‘settings mode’ option to ‘expert mode’ option.
  5. Then select add-on->Manage dependencies.
  6. You will see an option called ‘URL resolver’.
  7. Click ‘configure’ and select ‘Olpair’ from ‘resolvers list’ on the information page.
  8. Disable ‘Olpair resolver’ and click ‘confirm’ to resolve the issue.

We have completed discussing all the three best methods to resolve Olpair error on Kodi. We hope it will definitely resolve the error for you. Stay tuned for more such articles on Kodi and wish you a happy streaming!

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