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How to get the best email security solutions

Email Archiving as an Email Security Solution:

Email – IDC, exclusively stores 60% of a business’s critical information.

Email remains an important form of communication, a bit more formal than a text, a tweet or an instant message. With each passing day, the number of emails in your inbox continues to increase and so does the Gmail Danger. You cannot just let emails sit in your inbox and wait for a data loss to happen. This is where Email Archiving solutions jump in to save the day. The email security by DuoCircle.com offers a brilliant protection against email PGP Flaw Found recently.

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Following are the top 5 email archiving software and tools which are either new offerings with unique capabilities or the old ones with the upgraded services.

1.     Sunbelt Software Exchange Archiver

Sunbelt’s Exchange Archiver for Microsoft Exchange is a complete package that offers cloud storage to store emails and comes along with management capabilities to optimize storage of the archival data. The optimization helps people with small businesses who want to minimize their storage resources dedicated to email archives. The package is also a worthy add-on for service providers who are looking for archive administration for emails over other storage management services with a low increasing cost.

2.     AXS-One AXS-Link

Along with the extensive lineup of email and data retrieval AXS-One also provides archival for most platforms, whether it is in the form of email, CRM or database systems. This unique trait makes them attractive to service providers who are searching something to fulfill their email archival needs. They offer an easy path for growth that can help a variety of enterprise environments on a single platform.

3.     ArcTitan

ArcTitan is an easy to use cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes. It is compatible with all major email servers and service providers. ArcTitan supports Active Directory, LDAP, Google and iMail authentication. Along with customer training, it also secures your data with instant data encryption and speedy data processing. It provides users to retrieve their email archives from their outlook email client, any other web browser or mobile.

4.     Barracuda Message Archiver

Barracuda is a fully configured email archive tool. The advantage of using such an approach is that it is a simple, comprehensive and customer-managed solution. Although the tool works well for small to medium-sized businesses, it will be less ideal for an enterprise due to the lack of appliance when comparing with a software-based solution. However, the tool provides users to begin the archival of their emails with lesser investment and significant ease of use.

5.     Symantec Enterprise Vault

Not only does Symantec Enterprise Vault provide the capability for email, but also for instant messaging. The two primary platforms compatible with this tool are Outlook and Lotus Notes. Since the tool doesn’t play well when it comes to different email formats, therefore, it may not be your top choice for multiple customer accounts. However, it turns out that it does provide the basis for building support services for large enterprises where the environment is homogenous. Also check SiteGround Email Security for more information.

In conclusion, Email archiving solutions ensure the safety and security of your data along with providing you an alternate or secondary storing space.

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