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How to install a Wireless Network Card in Kali Linux


How to install a Wireless Network Card in Kali Linux :-

In my previous article i wrote about How To Fix Your Network Adapter For Backtrack or Kali Linux on virtual machine. Today i am going to show you How to install wireless card on physical machine instead of virtual machine.

When you run the ifconfig command on the terminal. it will show you only information about Ethernet card.


Now open the terminal and enter the following command

root@kali:~# apt-get install wicd


and Press Y for accepting the package installation.

then go to the Application > Internet > Select the Wicd Network Manager.

Note :- If it,s not installed use the command root@Kali:~#apt-get install wicd-gtk or use the command wicd-client to open a network manager.


select the preferences menu and in the General setting enter the Wireless interface name as Wlan0.


now it will show you available wireless network. Connect with your credentials.


now run the ifconfig command, it will show you wlan interface also.


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