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How to install any unofficial iOS app impeccably [No Jailbreaking]

The Android platform becomes very popular in a short time in comparison of iOS. It’s because of high development and custom modification of Android OS. Anyone can easily install an android app from a third-party source by downloading and clicking install button in Android smartphones.

In the case of the iOS platform, you can install apps from the official Appstore or third-party vendors.

But you can’t install iOS apps directly from the third parties. Such third-party platform has a collection of hundreds of unofficial or cracked apps which you can use for free of cost.

You can’t install such unofficial iOS apps from AppStore because these apps are not listed on App Store due to their policy. This is a problem where iOS lacking behind the Android operating system. But, don’t lose your hope.

We are here with a solution to this issue. We provided here an easy and simple guide to install any unofficial iOS apps perfectly from third party websites. So, Let get to the direct topic.

Cydia Impactor: The Perfect tool for installing any IPA file on iOS devices

Cydia impactor is simple and easier GUI tool by which you can install any third-party IPA files on your any iOS devices. Cydia impactor is developed by an individual developer to make all such complex process easier. It is available for all most all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, and Linux. The user interface of this tool is so user-friendly that kid can perform such difficult tasks easily. To use this, just you need to have IPA files, iOS device and computer system for running Cydia impactor.

There are lots of other tools or Web application available on the internet for installing IPA file on your mobile. But, among these, only Cydia impactors is very popular and drag-drop UI based tool which makes the process and overall tasks easy.

Step by step process for sideloading ipa files:

  • First, you need to download Cydia impactor from here(link). Extract Cydia impactor zip File on your desktop.
  • After downloading it, just be ready with IPA file of iOS app which you want to install on your iPhone or other iOS devices.
  • Now, Connect your ios devices with Laptop or PC.
  • Run Cydia impactor executable file on your computer system which recognizes your ios device instantly.
  • Now, Drop IPA files of that app to Cydia Impactor’s Window/Front End.
  • It will ask you to enter your Apple Account id and password. Just Fill It.
  • Wait for some time. Because it takes some time for processing.
  • After it completes, Browse to Settings > General > Device Management in your phone.
  • When you click on Install option, it will ask to trust them. congratulation, now you can use this app on your iOS devices.

This is a simple and perfect guide to sideload any iOS apps into your devices which are not available on apple app store. If you follow the above step as we mentioned, you will not face any problem or get an error. In case of any errors you got, Read This Tutorial on Solution of Cydia Impactor Errors.



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