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How to integrate Instagram into your marketing strategy?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. While the application had 1 million users at its launch, there are now nearly 300 million!

Instagram is particularly suitable if you want to address a young audience or to publish visual content. However, you need to follow some marketing tips to get the most out of it.

Where to find visual content for his Instagram account?

Some companies have no trouble visually presenting their brand in an attractive way. Products, such as those of Ben & Jerry’s, by their nature have a strong aesthetic potential, offering many possibilities of staging.

If your product can be, too, staged easily so do not hesitate to use Instagram for your marketing!

Use a smartphone with a good lens (or better, a good camera) and create the right lighting to showcase your product while varying the scenes. Feel free to use the many filters offered by the application for successful effects.

Then you only have to write and publish a personalized hashtag! Once you reach a sufficient audience, your customers will start using your hashtags if you make the photos of your product yourself.

Some companies even benefit from this practice by publishing selections of the best visual publications from their clients: a major asset to solidify the link between a brand and its customers

What place to leave on Instagram?

Instagram marketing is all about image! Although it is possible to write long enough texts, they are not however adapted to the format of the flow of the application, nor to the smartphones on which your publications will be looked at.

So choose a short subtitle, with a short description or a short humorous sentence. Hashtags also have a strong marketing value on Instagram: they determine the potential popularity of your publication. Use them judiciously by inserting them either in the text itself or at the end of your subtitle (but in this case sparingly).

For the rest, create relevant content that conveys a message, tells a story, or is useful to those who follow your publications.

Compared to other media, the added value for the client is of course very different on Instagram: we are dealing here with something more ephemeral compared to a blog post, the order of the emotional and entertainment. Once you have integrated this data, you will constantly find new situations that encourage the taking of photos.

However, be careful not to drown the people who follow you under a flood of irrelevant images. Always ask yourself before posting what are your goals, what reactions you want to make and what aspects of your brand are appreciated by your customers.

Do not think of Instagram as a direct sales tool but as an instrument to build customer loyalty, catch new customers’ attention and inspire your brand.

What kind of images on Instagram?

If you publish a new image every time with the words “New online publication on our blog! “, Not only will you annoy your Instagram followers but you also negate the enormous potential of marketing via Instagram.

It may be good to mention your portals or blogs from time to time. Culinary bloggers lead by example by posting photos of their latest creations, with a link to the recipe featured on their blog. Considering to buy IG followers as a mere adjunct channel to the broadcast of existing content will not benefit from this application.


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