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How to Limit Screen Time for Kids? – Top 5 Ways

In the era of internet, each person has its own smartphones and it has become an important element of their life. Most of the persons use their smartphones regardless of the negative impacts on their children. Mothers of the young children reported the excessive use of mobile devices by their kids them negatively impacted them that became a cause of stress, cyber-bullying, and others. It has also been seen that the harmful radiation of the cell phones also hugely impacted the brain activity of your children. Besides, it has also been found in a study that overuse of mobile-device has negatively impacted the infant social-emotional functioning and parent-child interactions.

A recent statistics released by statista says – “Screen Time Dominates Kid’s Play”

How to Limit Kids Smartphone Use

Most of the parents do not want that their children to use the smartphones at the age of 12 or below, but when your child see you using the smartphone, they often request for the smartphone. You can’t inhibit yourself and your child from using smartphones all the times but you also can’t monitor your child all the time. Hence, some parental control softwares with features like whatsapp tracker help you a lot in the process of screening of your child. These are spy apps and are suitable for both iOS and Android mobiles.

How to Limit Kids Smartphone Use

Here, we’re giving you some exceptional techniques that will help you to manage the screen time of your child drastically :-


It starts with you

Kids learn everything from their parent and they notice each and every activity of their parents and later they include these in their daily activities. You will have to set your own time of using the mobile that when and where you have to use the mobile. You can also use this technology in a positive manner. Most of the people use their mobiles idly when they are on the bed or sitting on the chair, use their smartphone without any reason. Hence your kid also learns the same and starts using mobile at the age when they should be reading books. For limiting these habits, you must have to ensure to limit the screen time of yourself to define the screen time of your kid. You can also take a help of some parental control softwares and apps by which you can control over the screen time of your infant.

Make a To Do List

Nobody is good at opposing the distractions of technology in this era and this thing holds absolutely true in the matter of children. Since children learn everything from their elders and parents so it is very necessary for the parents and elders to perform everything in a limiting manner. You should design an elegant screen time along with your family that should not affect your child. It helps you to limit the time of your infant that they spend on the mobile. Parents should also set the limit on how long a child can be on their smartphone and during what time of the day as well.

Install Parental Control Apps

Today’s kids have never known a time that they should spend on the internet so most kids spend more time on the mobile compared to the others. Parental Control Software plays a vital role in controlling your child’s activities as to when and what they are using on their smartphones. It also shows that which apps and webs are used more by your kid. Parental control software is no substitute for other controlling option we have. So, if you don’t want your kids to visit unsafe and inappropriate sites, use of these softwares will be a boon for you and your child as well.

If Required, Timely block/Unblock Specific Apps

It is a mandatory step to maintain a healthy screen time of your kid. Parental Control softwares enables you to block any installed apps and also easily unblock them whenever you wish. This can be done effortlessly in a remote device (your kids phone) with one click on your dashboard. These Parental Control software will help you to track and control apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and many other such top social media and other apps that are most used by your kids. This will also let you know what they’re doing because the best parental control apps offer a report on specific time spent on each app by your kid. Besides, it also tracks usage and location and allows you to block unnecessary over played games.

Analyze Their Cell Phone Usage

If you’re a professional, it is very hard to track the daily activity of your child done on their smartphone. By using a great parental control software like TiSPY, you will be able to analyze the exact usage of various apps on your teens phone. On the basis of this stats, you will be able to decide if you kid is really addicted to a specific app or not and take actions accordingly.

What do we know, What have we Learnt?

In the era of internet, it is very difficult to keep yourself away from the smartphones. Everyone has its own smartphones including the kids but kids don’t know the proper and helpful uses of smartphones and thus it negatively impacts them. We have suggested the above steps those will be surely helpful for you to monitor and control over your kid. May parental control sofwares and apps are available in the market but we can’t say it for sure that they’ll be cheap for you or not. TiPSY parental monitoring software is the great app that will help you in the task of monitoring, tracking and controlling over your kids. It is a user-friendly app and is available in the market for a very long period that’s why most of the parents trust on this app. Use the TiSPY app, it will help you drastically to control your kids to overuse and access the inappropriate webs and apps of their smartphones!




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