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How to Make Electric Insect Killer?

Getting rid of unwanted insects from a house is usually a tough task at hand especially when there is no access to any equipment or material. The medicines and sprays that are used in the killing and getting rid of insects usually prove to be toxic as the chemicals are hazardous and cause immense harm to the health of the dwellers and the pets exposed to these fumes, smoke, and sprays along with the insects. The best indoor fly killer is to use an electrically operated device that is safe and suits the best to kill all insects. These can be a bit costly at times, so to reduce the expenses an individual can receive a lot of help by knowing how to prepare an electrically operated insect killer so that it can be used or implemented for building and structuring at any time in the future. The insects are readily attracted towards these electrically operated insect killer machines as they emit bright ultraviolet light on touching which an insect is killed and often shredded into pieces with the help of the high voltage electric current that passes in the wires inside. These are safe for children and pets in the house along with no toxic side effects like the fumes or sprays that are chemically hazardous.

Requirements to Create an Electrically Operated Insect Killer

The provision of the materials for making and constructing of an electrically operated insect killer is as follows:

  • Light Bulb that emits ultraviolet light.
  • A transformer to change the voltage to the passing current.
  • Housing or a casing that creates a frame and secures the accidents that can occur on touching.

Steps of Creating an Electric Insect Killer Machine

Insects get significantly attracted towards the ultraviolet light as the mercury or the neon vapors required for producing the light and efficiently work as insect attractors. The operation conduction takes place in the same mechanism on which the regular life cycle of an insect depends where the flowers usually use the coloration of ultraviolet light, and the insects get readily attracted towards them. The light bulb acts as the center of attraction towards creating and functioning of the complete equipment.

The need of a transformer comes next for converting the regular inflowing current of 120 V to high voltage electricity supply of 2000 V or more. The voltage change mainly requires a high current flow that readily executes high current and at the same time electrocutes the insects bypassing the high voltage through their bodies so that they eventually die or sometimes even explode due to the high-temperature creation due to the passing current.

The final work needed is of a framework that acts as a supporting frame form the exterior so that in case any individual of pets touches the machine accidentally, the electric shock is not received.

The ultimate requirement through which the whole process executes is in the form of building mesh wire grids and placing them around the glowing build to conduct the electricity. The terminals of the electric circuits need a connection from both the end of the mesh wires. The basic idea lies in luring the insects towards the light emitted by the bulb where the mesh wires are only millimeters away conducting high current. As soon as the insects try to reach near the light source, the cables scattered electrocutes the insect’s body by passing high flowing current and raising the temperature to the extreme through which the insect is either killed or shredded into pieces.

The casing or the housing of the entire structure formulates with the help of any non-conductor material of electricity which has gaps that can readily emit light outside the source so that the insects get attracted towards it. The elements necessarily must have a built made of electrically grounded non-conductor.


The equipment, after creation usually is hanged where the insects are the most and gather. The electrically operated insect killer machine usually attracts the insects within a short span of time in a quick manner that is observable and at the same time eliminates them adequately. The electrically operated insect killer machine should not be near children or pets as these can unwantedly cause accidents on inappropriately handling and touching.


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