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How to open a port in squid server


How to open a port in squid server :-

Squid is a Unix-based proxy server that caches Internet content closer to a requestor than its original point of origin. You can also installed Squid proxy server on Windows server also.

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Today i am going to show you How to open a port in Squid ?

By default following ports are open in Squid :-

Port 80 # http
Port 21 # ftp
Port 443 # https
Port 70 # gopher
Port 210 # wais
Port 1025-65535 # unregistered ports
Port 280 # http-mgmt
Port 488 # gss-http
Port 591 # filemaker
Port 777 # multiling http

If you client computers try to connect on any other port client will get access denied error like above mentioned image. Nothing to worry about it. you can easily open the particular ports through your squid proxy.

if your Proxy server is running on Linux then open with [root@server ~]# vi /etc/squid/squid.conf  and on windows navigate to C:\squid\etc and open the squid.conf file. search for acl Safe_ports and add your port here.

Like in my case i want to add port 50 & 54 for Saudi government sites. so my entry will be

acl safe_ports port 54

acl safe_ports port 50


now restart your squid services. You are able to access the particular port.

if you want to allow locally, add in exception category in your proxy setting.


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