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How to Remove Watermarks from PDF or image Files

How to Remove Watermarks from PDF or image Files

How to Remove Watermarks from PDF or image Files ?

A watermark is an image which appears on fine papers or on some documents to prevent counterfeiting. The watermark is designed to appear only when the paper is held at a particular angle, or against a black background. Standard paper usually does not include a watermark, as making a watermark will drive the cost of the paper up. Fine art papers use watermarks to identify the manufacturer, and companies such as banks frequently use specially watermarked paper for security.

Today i am going to Show you How to Remove Watermarks from PDF Files ?

Before :-


After :-


System Requirement :-

  • Photoshop CS6
  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop CS6

Now open your PDF file in Photoshop. Select all files then click on the Ok. it will open all pdf in seperate tab.


Now make one Duplicate layer ( Ctrl+ J ), then Select the Magic wand tool and click on the image. Make sure in above multiple selection is selected. Now press the Del key to remove the image. and Press the Ctrl + D . Now save your document in jpeg file format.


In most case this trick will work. If this one is not working then Go to Select menu > Modify > Expand


Expand this value to 1.


Then go to the Fill Menu ( Edit > Fill ) and Select the Content-Aware and click on the OK.


Now Photoshop will do the fantastic job by own self. Now your document is ready. Same concept is applied over Removing Watermark background in Pictures.

Now you have one problem, you received your files in PDF and after removing watermark it,s in JPEG. Nothing to worry about it. I am going to show you How you can merge multiple Pictures and make one PDF document with the help of Photoshop.

Go to File > Automate and Select the PDF presentation option.


Now select your files from the Browse menu. Here you have the option to save as Multipage documents and Presentation. You can also add Title, Copyright and Author information here.


Now Save as a PDF.


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Caution :- This Tutorial is for Education Purpose Only.

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