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How to Remove write protection from a USB flash drive


How to remove write protection from a USB flash drive :-

Sometime we are getting the write protection error on USB flash drive. in this condition you are not able to copy , even formatting flash drive will also not help you.

Today i am going to show you how to remove write protection from a USB drive ?

Method 1 :- Removing protection from Registory

Open Start Menu, type regedit in search box and press Enter, this will open the registry editor. then Navigate to the following path:


Select it and see at the right side. It it has a key WriteProtect, edit it and change its value to 0.
Restart your computer and check again.


If you can’t find StorageDevicePolicies, you can try creating a key by right-clicking in the white space in the Control folder and choosing New -> Key and carefully entering the name.


Method 2 :- Removing write-protection using Diskpart

Plugin your USB flash drive, and run command prompt as Administrator. and enter the following command


list disk

select disk x (where x is drive letter of your connected USB drive)
attributes disk clear readonly


create partition primary

format fs=fat32


Method 3 :- Use the Formatting tool 

Download Apacer Formatting Utility.
Unzip the pack to a folder. Now double-click the Start.bat file in that folder. This will initiate the formatting. Wait until the formatting completes or the LED of the drive stops blinking. If you fail once give it few more try.

How-to-remove-write-protection-from-a-USB-flash-drive1Now remove the pen-drive and plug it in to the PC again. Now, open RUN and type cmd and hit Enter.

Now in the command prompt, type CHKDSK [usb-drive-letter]: /F. That’s it. You are done.

Hope this will fix your problem.

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