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How to RIP a Blue-Ray Movie

How to RIP a Blue-Ray Movie

How to RIP a Blue-Ray Movie ?

If you want to Enjoy full-definition 1080P videos, Blue-ray disc are currently the medium of choice. However, to watch Blue-ray movies, you will need to invest in a Blue-ray drive on your PC or a Blue-ray player for your TV. But you won’t be carrying around your copies of Blue-ray discs when your away from home now, would you ? Well, there’s also a way to copy your favorite movies to your hard drive and watch it over and over again wherever you want to.

Blu-ray may be the best quality movie format available, but it also carries more copy protection than DVDs, which limits your viewing only to PCs or Blu-ray players of the proper regional code. We show you how you can easily bypass this copy protection, rip your favorite Blu-ray flicks and store them on your hard drive. You will not need to have your own Blu-ray player or Blu-ray ROM for playing ripped movies. The movies will be in Full HD 1080p and you can also include subtitles and chapters.

Ripping Blu-ray titles to keep a backup of your original discs is a good idea, but sharing the rips is actually considered illegal because you are breaking the copy protection on the disc. But legal issues aside, decryption protected content is not so simple. It involves a few utilities that can do it for you. There are several such CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc rippers available online, some of which are free, while others are paid versions. In order to rip a BD or DVD, you would need two utilities — one to help bypass the protection and the other to convert the Blu-ray disc into a single file on the hard drive. We show you three simple options for ripping a Blu-ray movie.

Today i am going to Show you How to RIP a Blue-Ray Movie Completely free, but time and space consuming.

You need to be download two software’s for this job. MakeMKV from                                    www. makemkv.com and HandBrake from www.handbrake.fr.

MakeMKV is a simple one-click transcoder that can convert an encrypted disc (DVD or Blu-ray) into an MKV file. The file is large and completely uncompressed. It stores the files into a single MKV format or container file that has the ability to store multiple audio tracks and preserve chapters. The final file is equal to the original M2TS file itself and can be anywhere between 24GB to 50GB in size. The file’s size may turn out to be even larger depending on the movie time and quality. This file needs to be further compressed into a smaller size, but ensuring that the quality is more or less the same as the original.

Now open your Video file with MakeMKV tool.

How to RIP a Blue-Ray Movie

it will take time for decryption.

Now you need to be open HandBrake tool. Open your File

How to RIP a Blue-Ray Movie

Click on Start to Start compression.

The whole process of ripping a single Blu-ray disc will take you an average four to five hours even on a fast enough PC.

However two other paid version software are available for this Job one is AnyDVD from www.slysoft.com and other is DVDFab Blu-ray ripper from www.dvdfab.com .

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