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How to select a best WordPress hosting provider?

How to select a best WordPress hosting provider?

Why do you need WordPress? Your answer might be blogging or content publishing, right? But, if you ask me then my answer is WordPress is a giant!! Yes, WordPress is a giant as it is not limited to only blogging because WordPress is beyond that and it doesn’t need any introduction. As per the stats in 2017, there are 74.6 million sites that are dependant on WordPress and it is one of the most preferred CMS worldwide. There are millions of the websites that are built on WordPress and they are running successfully. On the search engine, it is most searched term as compared to the other CMS such as Joomla and Drupal.

It is not only famous for business websites but also for other sector sites like news, personal or other sites. However, numbers of business sites powered by WordPress are more as compared to the news sites powered by WordPress.  There are several benefits of WordPress which are not explainable and as I said before, it is a giant, but with this post, I will try my best to help you out for a best WordPress hosting provider.

Comparison between Self – hosted WordPress and Hosted WordPress

If you are the newbie then it becomes tough to identify the comparison of self-hosted and hosted WordPress. Below I am going to highlight the comparison and pros of these two types of WordPress hosting solution.

WordPress.org – The self-hosted solution:-

WordPress is an open source management system that is suitable for all types of business and users. If you are planning to use WordPress for your website, you need to download the WordPress software from the source website – WordPress.org and upload it to hosting server. As WordPress is a famous and most preferred CMS over the world. In addition, most of the companies offer one-click installation of the WordPress and it is easy to install and start the journey. Last but not least, why it is called self-hosted and the answer is if you install WordPress from the hosting server then it is called self-hosted.

WordPress.com – The hosted solution

WordPress.com is managed by a web development company and it enables you to design and host a website or blog on the server of the hosting provider. It is your choice which option is best for your website, either design a website for free which has limitations or get hosting provider to experience a full-fledged platform of designing a website or blog. The meaning of a hosted solution is a website or blog hosted on the server of WordPress.com that have installed WordPress.

Which one is better?

After reading both the solutions you must be thinking which one is best or better for my website or blog. To clear your queries below I have listed the pros of self – hosted and hosted solution.

Pros of WordPress.org

  • Able to add and utilize the WordPress plugins for improving the website performance.
  • Able to add WordPress themes both paid and free and reconstruct as per your need.
  • You get full access to your website and you can post your article as per your required time.
  • Allow you to run an advertisement on your website.
  • Allow to set up analytics and tracking of the website.

Pros of WordPress.com

  • Allocated free space of 3GB
  • There is a limit on custom web address for your website and your website URL will be like http://xyzdomain.wordpress.com
  • .com helps to take backup of your website.

My Recommendation for WordPress hosting provider

For WordPress hosting, you will get multiple providers available in the market, but being a WordPress developer, my recommendation is MilesWeb WordPress hosting. MilesWeb, India’s best web hosting provider was established in 2012 and is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. They offer all kinds of hosting solutions at a cheap rate that saves your pocket from burning. They offer three plans in their WordPress hosting powered by Jetpack starting from Jack Rs. 438.75/ mo and continued by Queen and King plan. You can select any plans as per your requirement. For WordPress security, they offer features like SpamExperts, Codeguard, Acronis cloud backup, Web Application Firewall, SSL Certificate to protect your WordPress website from spams and hackers.  You can reach their helpdesk 24*7*365 via chat, email and phone.

Technical features offered by MilesWeb:-

1) Cloning:-

Design a whole copy of your WordPress site consisting website files, database and setting with the cloning. Their 1-click cloning tool assists you to develop a copy of WordPress site instantly. In addition, you can clone your website during designing the website and testing a new theme, plugin performance, migrating the site to another host, updating and much more.

2) WP – CLI:-

WordPress Command Line Interface is a superior tool provided by managed WordPress hosting. It assists you in communicating with your website from the command line or even programmatically. They support WP-CLI along with advanced commands like WP- profile and WP –doctor.

3) GZIP/ Brotli compression:-

No matter what is the size of your website, but it needs to load fast to attract users and search engine. MilesWeb offers GZIP compression software in all plans of WordPress hosting with an aim to improve the delivery time for sites of all sizes. Moreover, it decreases the amount of data sent from the server to the visitor’s browser and speeds up the website instantly and also decreases the server load.

4) Cloudflare Railgun:-

To improve the speed of non-cached webpages, Railgun a wide area network (WAN) is usefully provided by Cloudflare. A main advantage of Railgun is to keep the maximum speed between the web hosting server and CloudFlare CDN.

Additional features:-

1) Automatic  WordPress updates

2) Server level caching

3) Fast SSD storage

4) Free SSL security

5) WordPress Preconfigured

6) Fast provisioning

7) Secure email

8) Jetpack Premium/Professional


Overall at the end, it is assumed that you must have got a clear idea of how to select your WordPress hosting provider and what features you should look for in the provider before signing up. Found article interesting? Do share your view below the comment box.


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