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How to Spot Fake Torrent Files

How-to-Spot-Fake-Torrent-FilesHow to Spot Fake Torrent Files :-

Torrent is one of the most used application for music , video and file sharing. but most of the times hackers are sharing the fake torrent files to spread the malicious code or programs. it,s common for torrent users, they download the movie from torrent and it,s password protected and for password they are asking to go on particular url.

Today i am going to show you How to Spot Fake Torrent Files ?

Method 1 :- Skull icon identification

One of the primary method to identify any fake torrent file is too see the green skull icon in torrent download, green skull is showing it,s uploaded by trusted up-loader and also check the comment . Most of the time, people pass the comment about particular torrent.


Method 2 :-  Use Torrent Guard

TorrentGuard is a tool that allows the user to identify fake Torrent files.

A system that is able to describe and analyze the phenomenon of fake torrents. A tool that enables the user to check the torrent before downloading. Tool is available as a plugin for Vuze but also have it through their website.

Just upload .torrent file or paste the magnet link on the online tool to check

And how? By all accounts, the system is able to identify the malicious file that is uploaded by a small group of uploaders. 90% of all fake files were “planted” by only 20 IP addresses. In this way and based on statistics, TorrentGuard can prevent about 10 million fake downloads a year.


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