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How to start your career as IT professional

How-to-start-your-career-as-IT-professional How to start your career as IT professional :-

If you are Student and you wants to make your carrier in IT industry then this article is for you. Most of the time people is choosing the wrong path due to proper guidance about their carrier. Specially people comes from other branches like Electrical ,Commerce, Arts and Electronics they think they will get the good job with the 6 month course diploma. May be they get the job with 6 month diploma course but for long term it,s not beneficial. If you really wants to get good job you have to study and need to be pass out IT certifications like CCNA , MCITP and other International certifications. Specially in these day personally i realize that people have too much interest in Hacking. 🙂

Most of the time someone visit the college campus and gives  demonstration about Hacking course then student is going excited about Hacking and they decided to make own carrier in Hacking.

Today  i am going to show you How to Start your Carrier as IT professional.

1. Choose Right Course :-


IT is itself a big field with Network administration, Software Development, Multimedia , Graphic and Designing. You have to decide your carrier with own interest like in my case in my carrier i touched computer mouse in 2008 in Patna (Bihar, India ) and i seen there how easily my instructor is using network. then i decided to choose Networking as my carrier. Now within 5 Years i am working as IT in-charge in one of the Big group in Saudi Arabia due to my passion with my field. 🙂 . so before choosing any field do some search on internet about particular course.

2. Do Proper Preparation :-

Proper Preparation is always important for any field. If you are in field of IT, you have to be updated always. Updated knowledge doesn’t mean you are busy on Facebook new feeds. You have to be update your knowledge in IT like in my case initially i took the training of Hardware networking along with MCSE and CCNA. then i decided to choose the field of Network Security.

Thanks God, I have  friend and mentor like  Riyasat Ali who helped in learning Cisco CCNA Security, CCNP security and many other aspects of network security. Most of the time people  forget the topic or particular important things due to lack of revision. it,s common science if you revise any thing more than 10 times it will comes in your main memory. I am going to share you how i remember important things. I have one Whiteboard in my room , i always write down important topics on it and in the time of morning, it,s my first job to revise the whiteboard then finished-up other jobs. 🙂

How-to-start-your-career-as-IT-professional1 I know it,s looking very messy but it,s really helpful. 🙂 Now you have to be organised your Notes on Your PC. I loves to use Evernote ( Download Now ) to organize my notes on my PC or on my mobile devices.

3. Create one Professional Resume :-

Personally i took the approx 25 interview to the candidates for Network Administrator in last month and most of the time i found candidates don’t have knowledge about creating resume. To create a professional resume you have to study about your own skills and companies requirement. Easy method for searching skills requirement is register with jobsearch sites and look for the requirement. In below image, VAM Systems is Dubai based firm and they needed a IT network and Security Administrator with Four-year university degree with LAN, WAN, VPN  experience. So their search in particular Jobsite’s database like ” IT network and Security Administrator with Four-year university degree with LAN, WAN, VPN  experience


Now comes in my Resume, How jobsearch engine database shown my resume to VAM systems requiter. When they search for ” IT network and Security Administrator with Four-year university degree with LAN, WAN, VPN  experience “. Database find the same matching words in my resume. that’s why i got the offer from VAM Systems. 🙂

How-to-start-your-career-as-IT-professional1 Download my CV sample

CV Tips

4. Inform Companies about you :-

You already Chosen right course , Your preparation and Resume writing done, Now it,s time to inform companies about you. To inform companies you have to be submit your resume to Job search sites functioning in your country or state.

How-to-start-your-career-as-IT-professional1 My recommendation is go for Monester.com. If possible go for professional services of Job search sites. Most of the time good vacancies are hidden to public.

5. Interview Time :-

This one is one of most critical phase in your carrier. Don’t worry about it, Interviewer is also a human being and he/she will ask you questions about your personal and professional skills mentioned in your Resume . They are not going to kill you. 🙂 if you failed in one interview then just check the skills that you are lacking. Do study’s about your week topic and again take interviews. In the time of interview your Dressing and communication skills is too important. So care about your communications skills and dressing in the time of job interview. Finally you entered in the IT profession. 🙂

6. Job In Field of Ethical Hacking :-

In my initial writing i talked about Ethical hacking course. First thing ” hacking is not a matter of 6 month course or 2 semester course, You need a dedication and off-course time for it. ” other thing is no any companies is hiring freshers in the field of Ethical hacking , network Security or Penetration testing. So you must have 4-5 industry experience on IT then look for job in Ethical Hacking.

Note :- This one is really big topic to cover-up. Your Comment is most welcome on this topic. Your suggestion will be added if needed with your name.

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Hope you like my article.How to start your career as IT professional. Please Share with others.

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