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How to Use an API to Validate Email Addresses

Encouraging your site visitors to enter their email addresses remains a crucial part of target marketing strategies. Invalid emails can be more devastating to a company than most professionals realize. On top of reducing the accuracy of marketing campaigns, email bouncing can adversely affect an online reputation.

Forbes reported how “companies are bleeding personal information about their customers” when they fail to employ an email address verification solution. Additionally, search engine penalties have become increasingly significant. An email validation API provides a much-needed solution for today’s online marketplace.

A complete email address validation tool ensures good sender scores. This is integral to successful email marketing. Emails sent to unverified addresses can lower scores if they regularly bounce. Even users with the best intentions may mistype their own address. Online businesses focused on delivering a quality user experience must take the initiative to ensure email address validity.

Basic Email Verification

Many websites offer to verify an email address. They provide a way to validate an address without actually sending an email. This involves a simple ping to find the domain’s MX records. Validator and verifier tools exist to make the process simple and anonymous. It is important to understand that not all email address validation tools are the same. While validation accompanied by basic email verification can be a step up for a marketing strategy, the issue of establishing a solid online reputation requires a dedicated API.

Meeting the Validation Needs of Your Organization

An email validation API ensures that sender scores remain high. Automated email address validity entails deep level SMTP verification. This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is an illustration of how services can range among providers. Free services are limited and some listed as dedicated APIs do not provide the type of coverage needed to maintain a distinguished reputation.

WhoisXML API Provides the Best Email Verification API

WhoisXML API offers a wide range of products, solutions, resources, and other useful APIs to meet your organizational needs. Its email validation API is a premium solution in a marketplace that can sometimes still resemble the early Wild West days of the Internet. Checks made by the WhoisXML API email verification API service tool include:

  • syntax
  • typos
  • disposable email address
  • mail server and mailbox existence
  • catch-all email address

The details of all of these components, as well as, the other solutions and resources provided can be found on the WhoisXML API website.

The WhoisXML API Email Verification API has successfully validated more than 300 million email addresses. It is used by some of the most trusted and well-known companies such as:

  • IBM
  • Ebay
  • AT&T
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Symantec
  • Cysco
  • American Express
  • RSA Security
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