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How to Use Teamviewer Like a Professionals

How to Use Teamviewer Like a Professionals

How to Use Teamviewer Like a Professionals ?

TeamViewer :- All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet

TeamViewer is a free remote control software for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

TeamViewer allows you to easily and efficiently control remote computers as if you were sitting right in front of it.

key features of “TeamViewer”:-

  • One solution for everything
  • Remote administration of unattended servers
  • File transfer
  • Highest security standard
  • Online status display
  • Remote support without installation
  • Remote presentation of products, solutions and services
  • Works behind firewalls
  • Browser based access
  • Very competitively priced, free versions available
  • Optimized performance

Today i am going to show you How easily you can use Team-viewer like a Professional.

 Tip 1 :- Optimized Quality & Optimized Speed.

When you connect with remote computer, it,s speed is slow. on that time you need to be choose the View menu and select the option “Optimized quality ” or ” Optimized Speed“.

How to Use Teamviewer Like a Professionals

Tip 2 :- Setup Unattended Access.

In Team-viewer remote computer password is constantly changing. With Unattended access, you can configure one permanent password.

Click on the Connection tab > Select the Unattended access option > Define your password .

Tip 3 :- Easy File Transfer

If you want to Transfer your files with remote computer, it,s also easy in teamviewer. Instead of choosing Remote control, choose the File transfer option

It will prompt you easy file transfer wizard, you need to be just drag and drop your files.


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