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How UX Design Saved the Mobile App

Want to get your mobile apps developed to please your consumers? Find out how in this guide.

Mobile app interface design has increased in popularity. And with UX design principles, we can see why. User experience is an important part of app development. If the user finds an app difficult to use, they won’t use it no matter how good it looks or how well it’s built.

There are a lot of areas within UX, but we’ll focus on the customer engagement design. This means that developers and designers are working together to help consumers interact with their site. As a result, they’ve noticed an increase in sales and overall user retention. Keep reading to see the greatest trends in UX and UI design to make your site unique.

Mimic Emotions with UI Feedback

As humans, we create an emotional connection with the products we use. That’s why we need to have some sort of human-like feedback when interacting with products. Even though the products can’t feel emotions, we like to believe that they can.

People Will Use Biometric Authorization

Biometric authorization isn’t a modern technology. A myriad of people use biometric authorizations as a password replacement. Based on Apple’s statistics, the average iPhone user unlocks their device 80 times a day. 89% of those users have Touch ID to unlock the phones.

In 2018, biometrics are more accessible and can be used for identity management and authentication purposes. This is something that can also increase security for businesses and end-users who use this technology for their mobile apps.

Face ID is Replacing Touch ID

In 2018, we’ll be using the safest and easiest object to use for authentication – our faces. Face ID, which is available for iPhone X users has an opportunity to become the most efficient form of natural identification in this coming year.

Conversational Design

People love chatting. And we can see that more voice-activated assistants and chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence will become a major thing in 2018.

Chatbot Assistant for Messaging Platforms

While we won’t see chatbots as full replacements for normal GUI experiences, but they can be integrated into different messaging platforms (i.e., Facebook Messenger) to help assistants. As a result, businesses can have real-time conversations with their customers.

More Voice Assistants

Graphical user interfaces aren’t the only way consumers interact with their apps. The progress in computational power and natural language processing has made it to a different type of interface – voice based.

In 2016, Google learned that over 20% of web searches are done via voice activation. It’s easy to see why voice activated products are becoming the next big thing. Voice-activated interactions increase user experience by eliminating the type, which eliminates another issue for app users (since people must learn how to use an app).

Copywriting Importance

The increase of conversational interfaces amongst developers and designers will increase awareness for copywriting in this type of interface. Since chatbots create an exchange between machines and humans; every word has to be carefully selected.


What do we expect for the future of mobile app interface design? For consumers, we expect their engagement rates to rise as technology continues to grow. We’ll start to see more improvements in marketplaces, websites, and other forms of e-commerce.

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