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Imbue App – Your Treasured Moments & Items, Never Forgotten

What makes us who we are is the question we all try to figure out in our lifetimes. One can argue it’s the combination of many things, but we personally think that the thing that makes us who we are is a collection of moments that happened, memories collected, and important feelings felt, all mixed together are the things that ends up producing the person we are at this moment. Memories most of all. Memories of our childhood, memories of our time spend with loved ones, memories of good and bad things that happened. We as humans, often tend to associate memories with physical objects, as that tends to help our brains hold onto a memory longer. We all experienced it, rediscovering an old letter, our favorite childhood toy, or a picture with a loved one long gone, and how the simple act of looking at them can evoke all the feelings felt at those past times. People say it’s not good to dwell on the past, but it’s important to hold on to memories, at least the big ones, the ones that impacted our lives positively as they are the reason for who we are in the present.

Imbue the digital memory box

The Imbue app is kind of a digital memory box, enabling us to preserve our most important items, moments and memories in a safe and secure place. Digital copies of important and emotionally valuable items and photographs can be a great thing as the physical ones can be easily lost or damaged and destroyed and with that the memories associated with them can soon be gone too. Not only you can photograph, tag and save you important memories, you can imbue them with video or sound notes, enabling you to have things like the voice of your child, loved one or parent captured and saved forever.

Save and secure place for all your important memories

With the Imbue app you’ll be able to preserve the stories and memories related to any item in your possession. Books, clocks, photos, artworks, journals and any kind of mementos will be saved and organized in one place. With the Imbue app you also get the ability to share your memories with the important people in your life. The Imbue app have many amazing features like the Machine Learning which interprets and identifies your items, the ability to record stories and imbue them with audio and video memories, the sharing option so you can easily share all the memories with close and loved ones and our favorite the Pay Forward storage feature which acts as a digital time capsule.

At the end of the day, the Imbue app is all and all one great, functional and fun app to have. If you want to start saving and preserving your memories you can find and download the Imbue app for free at the iOS App Store.

App Store Download Link: Imbue app



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