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How To Increase Restaurant Sales With Digital Menu Boards

Gone are the days when restaurant owners had to rely on physical menus to communicate their offering to customers. Now you can save money on printing costs by opting for digital menu boards instead.

The cutting-edge technology behind digital menu boards allows you to update your menu effortlessly and quickly. It’s a turnkey solution with many different benefits, chief of which is the ability to generate more sales. In fact, one research study found that fast food giant Burger King was able to increase sales by 64% in just 12 months after introducing digital menus in their London outlets.

Read on to find out how incorporating digital menu boards can help to increase restaurant sales.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards in Restaurants

The following are a few of the benefits offered by digital menu boards, which can help to increase sales at your restaurant.

  • Makes it easier to upsell:

Digital menu boards allow your customers to see all the extras available to them. You can use this opportunity to upsell your customers by using enticing images. This makes the items more appealing than just asking “would you like some fries with that?”

This one aspect alone can significantly increase your sales in a short amount of time. In fact, it has been shown that displaying visually appealing images of food on digital menu boards can encourage customers to try new items on the menu.

This type of impulse buying is very rare with static menu boards because they don’t visually show the customer what they’re buying.

  • Makes it easier to change the menu:

Changing input costs are an issue that restaurants need to deal with on a constant basis. Oftentimes, this means increasing prices in order to adapt. Printed static menus make this process very difficult and time consuming. With digital menus you can quickly make changes to your prices without waiting for printers to design and print the menus for you.

You can also use digital menu boards to remove out of stock items from the menu with very little effort. Customers hate nothing more than being told that you don’t have what they want although it’s on the menu.

Restaurant owners can also use digital menu boards to quickly change their menus to coincide with the time of day. This comes in handy for restaurants that serve different menus for breakfast, lunch& dinner.

  • Shorter wait times:

When you have digital menu boards placed on each table at your restaurant, you won’t have to make your customers wait. They can simply order from the time they take their seat without having to wait for someone to bring them the menu. This makes for faster service delivery and happier customers.

You can also use the digital menu boards to post interesting videos and images that show how the food is sourced and made at your establishment. This will keep the customers engaged while waiting for their order thus taking their mind off the food their waiting for.

  • Better brand visibility:

One of the challenges of hiring new people is that you have to train them to memorize your menu. This process takes time and while they’re learning it’s easy to commit costly mistakes like forgetting certain menu items, which can turn your customers off.

With a digital menu board you don’t have to worry about any of that. The menu will be available for all customers to see, thus putting the pressure off from your staff. The digital menu board will also make it easier for your staff to memorize the menu because they’ll be exposed to it constantly.

  • No more messed up orders:

Mixed-up orders are a common occurrence in the restaurant business and unfortunately they rub customers up the wrong way.  Now it’s possible to prevent and even eliminate such mistakes thanks to digital menu boards.

These nifty inventions allow customers to input exactly what they want and send it to the kitchen without a middle man. So there’s little chance of mixing up order or getting a certain ingredient wrong in the process.

Customers are more inclined to return to a place that gets their order right consistently than an establishment that mixes things up.

  • Create a feedback loop:

There are certain restaurants which have taken the digital menu board invention to the next level. They have an option which allows the customer to provide feedback on their experience at the restaurant. So customers can voice any concerns that they have without going on social media and tarnishing the business’ reputation.

Plus, it gives the restaurant manager an opportunity to continuously improve service and the user experience. Customers will also feel like they’re more valued when they see their suggested changes being implemented.

  • You can use it to promote special offers:

Every now and then you might want to introduce special offers in celebration of holidays like Halloween or Christmas. Thanks to digital menu boards, you can now integrate these specials into your menu for a limited time period. This means you won’t have to print out separate posters or pop up banners every time you have a special offer to promote.

You can also use this tactic to drum up business whenever your restaurant is going through dry spells or slow seasons.

All in all, digital menu boards solutions make for better agility and flexibility in business, which helps you to keep up with the times and maintain a healthy bottom line.


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