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IOTransfer 2: Best iPhone Transfer Software For one-click transfer

Are you Facing issue in “Transfer music to iPhone/PC ” “Manage & backup your photos with ease ” ” Clean up junk files on your ios devices” and “Download online videos to your computer/iOS devices’ then IOTransfer 2 is best solution for you, which is best iPhone transfer software that I ever tried.

Easy Photo Manager – Retains Your Best Moments Anywhere

IOTransfer safely manages photos across iPhone, iPad and PC. Transfer iPhone photos to a computer in one click. Import pictures from PC to iPhone/iPad without iTunes. Delete iPhone photos in bulk to save time and space. Retain and share best moments anywhere, anytime.

Free Online Video Downloader

Free to download online videos from 100+ video sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Vine etc. One-click download online videos to your PC/iPhone/iPad/iPod. Enjoy free video source on your iDevice wherever you go!

Smart Phone Cleaner

IOTransfer offers a light yet smart iPhone/iPad cleaner. Scan useless files on iOS devices in no seconds. Delete junk files with one-click to free up storage space and memory. Fasten iOS system for a better experience with your iPhone.

iPhone/iPad/iTunes Music Transfer and Sync

IOTransfer offers easy and fast music transfer and sync between iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and PC. Transfer your music, along with the artwork, album and artist info to iTunes and PC. Sync music between iOS devices with ease. Free to transfer any music formats supported by iOS, such as mp3, wav, and aac. Enjoy your music anywhere, anytime.

Bulk-transfer for Music Backup and Sharing

IOTransfer powerful bulk-transfer feature provides you an easier and faster way to transfer iPhone music. You are able to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, PC and other iOS devices in bulk with just 1 simple click. You can either batch transfer music to PC as backup, which is safer than iCloud, or share music to your family and friends in an easy way.

iTunes Alternative and More

Manage music on your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch by using IOTransfer. If you do not like the music anymore, or need more space for putting other beautiful voices, IOTransfer ensures safe delete. No previous sync step is required, IOTansfer can make your dream come true, with just 1 simple click.

Download Videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod with IOTransfer 2

  • Download online videos and Download YouTube Videos , Instagram Video Downloader to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with ease.
  • Download videos from 100+ sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • Support a variety of video file formats, including .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mkv, etc.
  • Automatically transfer online videos between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC.
  • Easily import any video source on your computer to iOS devices with one click.
  • Unlimited export iPhone/iPad videos to computer for data backup.
  • Directly sync videos/movies across iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes or iCloud.
  • Safely delete videos on iOS devices in bulk, freeing up more storage space.

Backup iPhone Contacts to PC

IOTransfer ensures you an easy solution to backup iPhone contacts to PC without iTunes. Export and transfer all or multiple iPhone/iPad contacts with one simple click. Save the contacts on computer for anytime restore. No worries about iPhone contacts being lost anymore.

Transfer Contacts to Any iPhone

IOTransfer helps you sync and transfer contacts between different iPhone/iPad without limitation. You are able to import the .ctt contacts file from computer to any iOS devices directly via USB cables. It’s never been easier and safer to transfer and sync contacts as well as email addresses from one to another iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Easily Add/Delete/Edit Contacts

All-in-one iPhone contacts manager for you to manage contacts in an easier way. Add new contact information to Contacts app, including name, phone number, company, email, etc. Bulk edit contacts on your iPhone directly from PC. Delete multiple contacts in one click, instead of tapping on each contact to delete one by one on iPhone.

Powerful Two-Way Video Transfer

IOTransfer provides an easy and safe two-way video transfer for iPhone and iPad without video quality damage. You can export classic movies, favorite videos and TV shows from your iPhone or iPad to PC. With video importing, you are able to transfer HD movies or Youtube vidoes to iPhone and iPad. IOTransfer enables you to watch movies anywhere, anytime.

Easy Video Sync to Multiple Devices

With IOTransfer, you are able to sync videos/movies to multiple iPhone/iPad all at once, by connecting iOS devices to PC with USB cables. Fast syncing speed and batch transfer bring you a better way to share and enjoy movies/videos. Easier than iTunes, safer than iCloud.

Backup Videos and Free Up Space

Transferring iPhone/iPad videos to PC or external hard drive can effectively avoid data loss and privacy leak. Local backup is safer than the Cloud, which can be restored anytime even when there’s no internet connection. Videos take a lot of space on iPhone/iPad. Moving them to computer or deleting in bulk will free up more space on your iDevices.

Easily Manage iPhone, iPad & iPod Apps

Need to manage apps on your iPhone or iPad? IOTransfer ensures you an easy way. With IOTransfer, you can easily remove multiple apps at the same time with one click. Just connect all your iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC with USB cable, and you’ll be able to bulk-delete those unwanted and useless apps from your iOS devices.

Enjoy Favorite iBooks Anywhere

With IOTransfer, you’re now able to enjoy iBooks on any devices, anywhere. IOTransfer performs effectively especially on iBooks bulk transfer from computer to iPhone/iPad. Just connect your iPhone/iPad to computer, and import the books you’ve already downloaded on your PC. What’s more, you can transfer from PC to multiple iOS devices at the same time.

Transfer and Backup Audio Files

If you want to listen to audio files, such as voice memos, podcasts, and call recording on computer anytime, you can export from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer with IOTransfer. Storage space is no longer a problem, since IOTransfer builds a bridge between your iPhone and computer. Save on computer as a backup, and free up spaces on iOS devices.

Quickly Scan iPhone and iPad

Your iPhone/iPad would get slower and slower due to too much junk files, app caches, cookies, crash logs, etc. IOTransfer new Clean tool will do a quick yet complete checkup for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It will scan your iPhone in a very fast speed, find out all the useless files, and calculate the total amount of storage that you can free up.

Smart iPhone Clean Up

IOTransfer offers a smart iPhone cleaner. Cleaning up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch junk files is no longer a hassle work. You are able to get this done very quickly by taking advantage of IOTransfer Phone Cleaner. With 1-Click, it will clean junk and temporary files generated by iOS system or third-party apps, and delete useless log files and caches from your iOS devices.

iPhone Free Up & Speed Up

Regularly cleaning up useless files on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch would effectively free up storage space for you to save more important data, such as photos, music, videos, and notes. With less junk files or caches on your iOS devices, you will enjoy a much faster system speed. IOTransfer ensures a faster & better experience with your iPhone.

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