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Jungle Jumpers – Fun & Addictive Adventure Jumping Game

Not all of us are avid gamers. Many of us prefer minimalistic games to graphics-heavy games to kill free time. Such games load faster and offer just the kind of fun we need during short breaks. One of the most popular killer time games are certainly the jumping games. Because you can find thousands of these games on Play Store, to make your search easier we searched and discovered one incredible jumping game you will love for sure. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this game about?

This adventure jumping game is easy and fun for playing, interesting for all ages, simple and yet challenging for all players that want to test their skills. With colorful design set in the magnificent jungle and the cool jumping sounds, players will enjoy to bounce, balance and jump their fun jumper character each time they play. Exciting jungle adventure developed on android platform that is a great choice to have fun and kill time playing. Just by reacting fast and precisely, jumping as high as they can, users get to score high points and move further in the jungle, revealing all mysteries.

Why do we choose this game?

The Jungle Jumpers as a fun jumping game that is offering users to challenge themselves by trying to jump high and balance their jumper character to climb the jungle and reveal all the mysteries the jungle offers. On the game, players just have to tilt their device in order to move their jumper character left or right and tap the screen if they want to jump. With double tapping on the screen, the player is able to double jump and get higher. On the way up, players need to collect all the coins on their way and use them if they want to unlock new characters. The game has to offer 12 different jumper characters for playing and jumping. As higher as the player is able to get, higher will be the points for him. As the player gets high scores and reaches high in the jungle he will be able to test his skills in new different jungle challenges.

Players can find many hidden secrets playing and use them if they need help to progress. Simply by getting the timing right and jumping high players will make far in the game. Be careful not to fall! Download this game now on Google Play for free and jump as high as you can!

Google Play Download Link: Jungle Jumpers

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