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Keep Your Email Free From Spam

Keep Your Email Free From Spam

Keep Your Email Free From Spam :-

Some webmail services have imperessive spam filters, but email software such as Outlook Express , Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live email, which uses an address from your ISP or your own domain name, could leave you overwhelmed with spam.

MailWasher is a free program that filters your mail before it gets to your software.

Download MailWasher , you will be prompted to use the wizard to set up your email. it will detect your existing email account or click on the Next to add new account.


Now enter your account description and your email address.


then select the Server type , Server address and your username and password.


now you have option to choose your email program


it will open your email program in mailwasher


Now you have option to add or block spam, choose your email and right click on it, here you have option to mark as Spam or add sender to block list.


go to the Setting tab , here you have all options for setting , Spam email settings.


Enjoy your spam free email. Also Check Spamihilator – Free Anti-Spam-Filter . I find both program is good is anti spam.

Also check :- Stop Unwanted Email with SpamBlocker in WatchGuard

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