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Learn cisco ASA CLI with ASDM


Learn cisco ASA CLI with ASDM :-

Cisco always preferred to use Command line interfaces to manage and troubleshoot own products. if you are new to Cisco ASA, then may be CLI will be look harder to work, however believe me when you are going to more familiar with CLI, it’s really fast for your work. Today i am going to show you How to learn cisco ASA CLI with ASDM.

In my previous article, i wrote about How to Run ASDM over ASA using GNS3. but the problem is it’s always not possible for you to do lab on GNS. Cisco ASDM comes with features of running in demo mode. If you don’t have demo version of ASDM then download from here.

Select the option Run in demo mode and select your configuration and click on the OK.

ASDM with cli

Now you have fully functioned cisco ASA firewall in demo mode. Navigate to Tools > Preferences.


and select the option ” Preview the commands before sending them to device ” under communications tab.


Now it will show you preview commands for each configuration. Like for this demonstration, i just want to create a user from ASDM, .


it will show me the command also. đŸ™‚


With ASDM, you have also option to direct send the CLI command to device.

To do so, navigate to Tools > Command line interfaces.


here you have option to enter your CLI commands.


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