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Learning About Iota as a crytocurrency

IOTA USD has been an innovative project which will solve the problems of 1st and 2nd gen cryptocurrency problem via Tangle. In comparison to the normal blockchain technology, Tangle has several advantages. It is rapid, feeless and amazingly scalable. It has been designed for IOT (internet of things) and will be the backbone of Machine to Machine transfers. IOTA has some unignorable things attached to its name which will fuel IOT and machine to machine communication, take a look:

Major banks have agreed as partners

The partnership of the cryptocurrency with leading bank DNB ASA in Norway will ensure you that IOTA’s technology is higher. The collaboration will help them explore different ideas to execute new processes and technologies which are generated by Tangle.

DNB is a global leader and has a giant global market. And, the news of how the bank will execute Tangle Technology will hype the faith of Iota believers in the long run.

The UN is already a partner of IOTA

Another move in the interest of MIOTA is that IOTA and UNOPS have off lately made an announcement of the company’s partnership with UN to assist the technical advisory arm of the UNO. The aim is to wipe out the expenses of middlemen and enhance processes.

Speaking about the partnership, Yoshiyuki Yamamoto stated that both the organizations have a vision where machines, gadgets, people and sensors can easily connect and interact with one another.

What serve as an interest to UNOPS in this cryptocurrency is the open tech which moves its blockchain. It is very helpful when you talk about simplifying communication and managing supply chain competition.

It has made its places in the heart of the next gen automobile industry

IOTA has also gained attention of a lot of leading automobile manufacturing units. BOSCH was the first in the previous year to buy some IOTA to test machine to machine payout via an autonomous driving chip.

Volkswagen also joined hands with this crypto platform to discover how Tangle will be used to safely transfer software over the air to the automobiles.

The companies are working on projects to bring out the first autonomous taxi of the world in Berlin till the year 2020. They aim to launch a car which can pick and drop people to their preferred location and make payments via MIOTA with their smart devices.

Price evaluation

IOTA stands in a positive position with so many trusted and reliable partners in its kitty. But, the price of the coin has disastrously fallen from $5 to $.50. The crypto market is getting weaker and weaker with every passing day and a lot of major coins have witnessed this fall.

But, you do not have to be concerned about because it is just a reaction to the macro world and IOTA is a long-term bet which will take years to pick up. But, once it does, there is no looking back for this coin. So, go ahead and when you think of investment, think of IOTA.




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