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Linux Terminal Fun

Linux Terminal Fun

Linux Terminal Fun ?

One can never say it enough: the terminal is a very powerful tool, and is probably the most interesting part in Unix. Among the plethora of useful commands and scripts that you can use, some seem less practical, if not completely useless. I’ve selected for you a couple of commands that are useless because they are funny, but not funny because they are useless (or maybe the other way around for some). If you are searching for ASCII art, random math curiosities, or various (in)utilities, this is the best of the useless.

Always we are thinking Linux Terminal is boring. Today I am going to show you How to do Fun on Linux terminal.

Fun 1:- Fun with Calender

Linux Terminal Fun

get your specific year calender

For Whole year calender type root@bt:~# cal 2014

Fun 2 :- Train engine in Linux Terminal

The tool to do that trick is sl, a cool script written by a Japanese to correct users who accidentally enter sl instead of ls on the terminal. SL stands for Steam Locomotive.

First install SL via command root@bt:~# apt-get install sl

then type SL on the terminal

 Fun 3 :- XPenguines on the Desktop

XPenguins is an X Window System screenmate program that shows an animation of various penguins involved in various activities, such as reading, falling, digging, skating, etc. The program moves the penguins around as if the windows were solid objects the penguins could stay, walk, or skate on. The program has been written and is currently maintained by Robin Hogan

on the Terminal type root@bt~#xpenguins – n 42 -s

You can easily play shoot game.

Fun 4 :- Run cat on your Terminal

Install onekno (Japness word for cat) with Terminal type root@bt~#apt-get install oneko

 Fun 5 :- Watch StarWar Movies

On the terminal type root@bt~#TELNET TOWEL.BLINKENLIGHTS.NL

 Fun 6 :- Run Dynasor in your Terminal

Install root@bt~# apt-get install cowsay


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