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Manage your Social Network Feed with OneFeed


Manage your Social Network Feed with OneFeed :-

Getting social network updates feed in one tab is really interesting. if you are opening multiple sites in your browser it,s also consuming too much memory. instead of opening multiple tab use OneFeed for your all social updates.

OneFeed turns your new tab into the ultimate social dashboard.

Everything you love, in one place.

OneFeed brings together all your favorite sites. Get Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram , your favourite news sites and much more, directly to your new tab page. OneFeed turns your new tab into the ultimate dashboard. You need to be authenticate each social network.


OneFeed saves you time and lets you consume content on-the-go. Your personal news feed runs items from your favorite sites and social networks. The notification center keeps you updated whenever you have a new Email or Facebook message.

Manage-your-Social-Network-Feed-with-OneFeedSwitch modes to scroll through your social feeds – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all together directly through OneFeed. Your personal news reader helps you stay updated with your favorite sources. Browse by categories or click a specific source to further discover great items.

You can also get the update from the Dropbox, Google Drive and other webpage. Click on the + sign to add.


Enjoy your all social feed in one new tab.

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