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Manage your time and money wisely with these three technology resources

Manage your time and money wisely with these three technology resources

Technology has made it very easy to automate tasks and responsibilities. Recent studies have assessed the capability of modern applied technologies to automate no less than 45% of functions human resources are paid to perform.

What’s more, around 60% of traditional jobs can have 30% of its functions automated utilizing current technologies and are expected to increase in the near future with the introduction of more advances.

Today’s artificial intelligence and machine-learning processes, it is not a wonder to find a lot of human functions are being relegated to automated services either managed by an IT support consultant.

 What could have been difficult at first could now be realized today and here are four ways of how modern technology can help you save time and money, using IT solutions and managed services.

State of the art financial technology

You can streamline your financial obligations and other related processes that deal with your income and expenses.

Start using financial technology resources to help you save time and money.  List down all your fixed regular spending and automate it using smart phone or software applications that can help you manage your finances without having to do all the leg and paperwork.

Online banking can also help you take control of your financial resources better and more conveniently, but make sure to reset your passwords regularly and create ones that are not easily recognizable or linked to any of your personal information or effects.

Increased productivity through automation

 Around half or 49% of companies globally have been using marketing automation with 55% of business-to-business (B2B) companies have adopting automation technologies to streamline operations and business management. Studies have shown that 91% of companies consider marketing automation is “very important” for overall marketing success.

An increase in sales productivity has been seen at 14.5% as a result of marketing automation and a 12.2% reduction in overhead marketing costs.

Artificial intelligence and smart business solutions

 Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be summed up in two words- automation and productivity. The role of AI in the IT sector can provide a lot of benefits to businesses, regardless if whether you have an established IT-based network or simply starting out. This is going to be your smart business solution.

AI is more than just a set of algorithms rather it becomes a powerful tool that can be tailored to suit systems that it will work for you business.

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