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Microsoft Studio Dial review: Nothing but a futuristic movement

Microsoft is bringing new products every year and each product has its own uniqueness. With the 2-in-1 laptops, computers for digital artists and more. Surface series has been on fire since it has come across the market. Such an exemplary product is Microsoft’s Surface Dial. It is nothing but a futuristic movement.


Surface Dial gets an aluminium body which responds very quickly- thanks to the heptic- enabled feedback. The deigning part looks great with only three inputs to take: press and hold, click, and rotate. This little machine is a Bluetooth enabled device which listens to you, do the work for you, and many more things. Basically, it is a secondary input for Microsoft’s Studio but now it works with any computer running on Windows 10. You can explore ordering with AliExpress Coupons India to find best prices while planning to buy online.

Where to use this device?

Though the device must be used while physically present on the screen, but for the non-Studio users, you can put it next to your keyboard. Like Microsoft Studio, this little machine is also targeting the digital artists and engineers. So, with just your voice only, you can call for pen, paint, brush and any tool you want on the display. Moreover, you can adjust the volume on Spotify tracks, scroll through news articles, or fly through your local city in Windows Maps. A helping hand for you in drawing and creating.

App Support

The best part of it, any app can support this Microsoft’s Dial device. Moreover, the company itself has brought up many APIs for this little device for adding more support and functions to the device.

Surface Dial supports apps like Paint, Bluebeam, Drawboard, Mental Canvas, Windows Maps, Groove Music, Spotify, Microsoft Photos, PewPew Shooter, One Note, Smith Micro, Staffpad, Sketchpad, Plumbago, Sketchable, Adobe Creative Cloud and more.

How to use it?

You can easily put your hands on the Dial on the screen and change the various functionalities like zoom in, zoom out, volume rockers and more. You can also change the features easily by just pressing down on the Dial for a second or two. As soon as the device vibrated, you will be on the PC screen with settings to change or features to play with. From playing next track, control volume or scrolling webpage, Surface Dial is very responsive with the computer it is connected to.

When it comes to digital artists, it can pick up brushes, tools. zoom, undo, redo and more with no much of nuisance created.

But, is it for the non-artists too? Yes, it is! Generally, you are sometimes very irritated by keyboard and mouse but Surface Dial allows you to play with both of them with more accuracy. You can easily use Surface Dial just like arrow keys in the keyboard, volume rockers, mouse clicks and more. You can easily scroll down or up using this premium piece of technology. Though you might think, this device is not worth Rs. 8,195 spending, but it is good to have some nice tech piece around. In this case, it is the Microsoft Surface Dial.

There are people who might straight away say that this piece is of no good. Also, there are many other devices lower than this price point which we can buy. But, honestly, Microsoft Dial is just a better version of all of them with a luxurious feel and better work efficiency.


Surface Dial is packed with two AAA batteries and easily gets coupled with Windows 10 desktop. As per Microsoft, Surface Dial can last you up to one year if you use it for up to 4 hours a day. Batteries are not rechargeable. So, if you are getting two AAA batteries, you can get two years of Surface Dial easily. If you would like to explore some more products available for the similar specification you can try out with available Tata Cliq Offers Online.


Surface Dial is not for you if you are not looking for any creative work or artistic work done on the computer. It won’t take you anywhere but the depression of wasting too much money. Keeping it aside, it is a nice blend of technology and robotics in this little machine which is really fun and cool to have. In coming years, we might see some major updates in the device like support for non-drawing apps or in gaming fields but till now it is all for artistic vision.

So, for the artists, it is a ready steady go device but for the non-creators, it is all on your wish. If you feel having this tech in your home or place can satisfy your needs or not. Else, look for better tech in the

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