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Most useful one click websites

Most useful one click websites

Most useful one click websites ?

Some sites tell you exactly what you need to know in a single click.

Today i am going to Explain you about Most useful one click websites.

1. Check if a website if down (isup.me)

If you are having trouble accessing a website, head to isup.me, which is new shorter version of www.downforeveryoneorjustforme.com. Enter the URL of the unavailable site to find-out if the problem is at your end, or if everyone’s getting the error.Most useful one click websites

it will give you give you status of website


2. Get an instant weather report (www.weatherquickie.com)

Forget average temperatures and wind speeds; sometimes all you need to know is whether today will be warmed or colder than yesterday.

Most useful one click websites

3. Test your password strength (www.howsecureismypassword.net)

Ensure you choose the safest passwords possiable for your online account by testing them at this site. How Secure is my password tells you how many seconds your password would take a desktop PC crack and suggests ways you can make it stronger.


4. Find out your IP-address (www.whatismyip.org)

Your IP address is a unique sequence of numbers that identifies your computer identities on the internet, and is useful to know if you are setting up a Home network.


5. Check that a Site’s Safe (safeweb.norton.com)

Norton Safe Web prevents you from opening websites that contain malware and identity threats. Just enter the URL and Norton will scan the site and tell you whether the site is safe to visit or not.


6. Test your Broadband Speed (Speedcheck.org)

Discover How fast your internet connection really is by using the brilliant speedcheck.org


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