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How to Navigate Kids Online Activity on Smartphone

Children start using their smartphones to surf the Internet at a very young age. The Internet has content on all subjects and access is not restricted. Thus, a child’s internet usage needs to be monitored to avoid explicit content. Parents can make use of a trustworthy parental control App For Your Android Phone to keep tabs on their activity on a smartphone.

Perils of child’s internet usage

The Internet is not a safe place and parents must guide their children regarding risks of browsing on the Internet. Kids also need to be taught how to navigate the world wide web to view useful and informative content.

A child is vulnerable when browsing the Internet, and hence it is necessary to limit your child’s Internet use. Here is a list of risks:

  • Depression
  • Cyberbullying
  • Fear of missing out
  • Feeling Anxious
Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Bit Guardian Parental Control App is very effective when it comes to monitoring your child. It can block App for a specific period of time. This App can find a child’s device if it is stolen or lost by simply using GPS feature to locate it instantly. It is a trustworthy parental control App that allows parents to track their child using GPS to detect their location immediately. In addition to that parents can also use GPS feature to get notifications if their child is traveling over the speed limit.

Here are the main features:

  • View calls and messages:

Monitor all calls and messages on a child’s device by accessing a log maintained by this trustworthy parental control App. Parents can also block any contact they seem fit.

  • Block Apps:

‘Block Apps’ feature brings peace of mind to patents by allowing them to block any App installed on a child device. The way this works is a parent can view a list of Apps installed and select ones to block.

  • Block App install:

This is a trustworthy parental control App that will not allow Kids to install any new Apps on their device once the ‘Block App Install’ feature is activated.

  • Geofence:

An alert message is sent to a parent if a child oversteps the physical boundary set for them. Geofence is configured to set the central location and radius as per the physical boundary to ensure the parent received an alert.

  • Schedule phone usage:

Parents restrict the amount of time a child spends on a mobile device and even schedule usage of the device with the help of this feature.

Limit time children can spend on each App and also schedule App usage on the device. There are several scheduling modes that a child can take advantage off like the game-time mode, bedtime mode, etc.

  • Panic alert:

Parents will receive a ‘Panic Alert’ message on their device once a kid activates the ‘SOS mode’. Other contacts can also be set to receive an alert on this App.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you block inappropriate content?

Parental Control Apps keep tabs on activities of a child by blocking the right Apps.

  • How to monitor a child’s text messages on a smartphone?

Parental App on parent and child mobile needs to be activated. It then allows monitoring all messages on the device.

  • What does parental control mean?

A parent can control the mobile usage of kids using an app installed on both parent and child devices.

Bit Guardian Parental Control has many useful features to help control a child’s

mobile phone access. Features include an ability to block an app for a specific period of time and even limit your child’s internet use.


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