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Need a Name for Your Business Start Up? Read This…

A good business name not only reflects what you do, but it also reflects your brand’s ethics, aspirations and mission. That is why it can be so challenging to come up with business name. It is important to pick the right name as it could possibly affect your company and how your customers view it. Here is how to go about finding the right business name for your company.

Work with a team

If you are working with a team, make sure to consult them about this issue. You have a better chance to come up with a good name by consulting a number of people rather than if you are working alone. Therefore, have a brainstorming session with your team and list down all the suggestions that people give.

Give yourself time to go through the various suggestions and think about them to see if there is any that you like.


Another thing you can do is to hold a competition. Put it out there in the public and let people know that you are looking for a catchy business name. The person who comes up with a good name should win a prize. Make the prize as attractive as possible so that people can be inspired to participate. You could just end up finding that perfect name that you are looking for.


Alternatively, you can outsource this task to professionals. There are people who are paid to come up with professional names for businesses. They are good at this.

Use this option if you are completely blank and you have no idea about what to do. Who knows? You could actually end up with some names that you like. You are likely to get a couple of names to choose from.

Business name generators

You can also go technical. There are companies that provide generators that can help you come up with a cool company name.  While some of these companies provide free names, others offer paid services.

While some generators allow you to just pick the name, some paid services offer additional services as well. They provide not just the business name, but also a logo, website and branded materials to go with it.

Use keywords

You can also get a good idea for a business name by using keywords that your customers are interested in. Therefore, check which keywords your customers are using to search for the products and services that you provide. The good thing about this approach is that it will make it easier for your clients to find you since you are using search terms that they are actually looking for.

Test it and get feedback

Once you find some names that you like, make sure to test them first. Put them out there and see how the public responds to them. Use them in your logo and marketing material and see if they work out great. If not, keep looking until you find the right name.