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Never Re-download Windows Update again

Never Re-download Windows Update again

Never Re-download Windows Update again :-

Daily there are so many viruses and other security threats, you never know which can harm your computer your network and can steal your important data. Microsoft is uploading such patches, security updates, critical updates & service packs. All these updates are available through windows updates website.

But if re-install your windows your windows will again install all windows update that’s a really tedious and bandwidth consuming.

Today i am going to show you How you Never Re-download Windows Update again.

Download and install windowsupdatesdownloader tool.

Creating an unattended Windows installation solved the installation portion of the problem but all of the updates needed to be manually downloaded before they could be integrated into the installation source. With the quantity of updates quickly approaching triple digits, it was clear something was needed to speed things up. This is where WUD comes along.

One of the great things about creating unattended Windows installations is that you can integrate all of the latest updates into the installation and avoid spending hours waiting for the updates to download and install themselves after a fresh installation. As time goes on since the last service pack was released, the list of Windows updates tends to grow to be quite lengthy. WUD allows you to download all of the current Windows Updates using a simple interface.

Now lets Start, First time when you click over it. it will give you message ” No Update List found

Never Re-download Windows Update again

Click on Ok . Now click on the + icon


it will redirect you on the http://www.windowsupdatesdownloader.com/ , Click on the Update List Option.


Now Select your Operating system that you want to use.


Select the Download option. Now you have the option to choose what you want to install. Select your options and click on the download button.


it will start your download


Now your Download is save in your Download folder. Now just Save it on External hard-disk or Burn a DVD. It will save your bandwidth and frustration.

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