Photos are the best way to preserve our loving and adorable memories of the past. They become part of our lives. Earlier our method of preserving memories was centred around photo books and albums. But with the advancement of technology and continued progress in the field of IT, the mankind witnessed the invention of digital storage. This technology allows us to save our valuable photos digitally. In this way, we got the option of viewing those photos on TV as well as phone along with our family. The primary destination has been our personal computers or laptops. But imagine losing those stored photos from our pc or laptops. It is really painful and depressing for us.

There are many reasons by which our photos can be deleted or lost from our PCs or laptops. Some of those reasons are:

Accidental deleting of files: Our careless is the utmost reason for this act of ours. It is possible that you accidentally happen to delete your data. Same persists with photos also. You might delete your photo files unintentionally under a mistaken impression, and this becomes more serious and stresses when you don’t have backups to perform deleted photo recovery.

Viruses and malware: This is one of the most common and frustrating reasons for losing your data and files. Being connected through network fetches many advantages for you, but it makes your system prone to many virus and malware attacks. Many new viruses are created every day and they attack computers worldwide. Those viruses and malware may cause data loss to you and in the result, you may lose your photos. In these cases, generally, it is very tough to restore deleted photos.

Damage to hard drives: Your data; whether files, documents or photos, are stored in the hard drive of your PC or laptop. It is a very well-known fact that hard drives are the most fragile parts of your PCs or laptops. They get damaged easily and very often. As a result, you may lose your photos. Moreover, even the professional repair and service providers don’t guarantee the data recovery from the damaged hard drives. If at all they are able to recover your deleted photos, they will charge you a huge amount.

Knowing this can be stressing and disappointing for you. But you don’t need to stress yourself. You can refer Top 5 Free Photo Recovery guide for best photo recovery software. Recocverit comes to your rescue. You can easily recover deleted pictures using this app. Recoverit is a professional data recovery software, which provides 8 recovery modes for users. This is the best photo recovery app as far as photo restoration is concerned.

The astounding and coherent features of Recoverit photo recovery software are:

Wide applicability: It allows you to recover all types of files including photos, documents, Emails and videos. As these things form the major part of your data, Recoverit ensures that you don’t lose your data. Also, it supports every version of Windows. So whether you have the oldest Window’s version or the latest one, Recoverit is compatible with all.

Highly efficient: Recoverit has the success rate of 96%. This speaks volumes for its capabilities and efficiency. You just need to invest once in this photo restoration software and you will never lose your photos. Your precious and loving memories of the past will remain with you.

Recover from anywhere: We store our photos in many places in addition to PCs and laptops. Recoverit performs picture recovery from all the devices. The list of gadgets is really long this is mesmerizing. Some of the items from that list are Hard Drives, SSD, RAID, USB Drive, Micro SD card, Laptop, Desktop, Macintosh, Camera, Music Player, etc.

Recovers photos lost under any circumstances: There are many reasons that may have caused Photo loss to your PCs or laptops. Some of those reasons include; deletion of photos, formatting hard drive, loss of disk partition, virus attack, system crash, etc. But if you have Recoverit, you don’t need to pay heed to the method by which you lost your photos. You will get your photos restores quickly and easily. The most fascinating feature of Recoverit is that it efficiently recovers all your photos that have been deleted by virus attacks. Many recovery softwares fail to recover files and photos that are lost due to virus or malware attack. But Recoverit wins here also.

  • Recover all lost photos: Whether you have lost one photo or hundreds of the Recoverit will recover all. It launches a quick scan and finds all the lost or deleted photos.



An obvious question that arises is how to recover deleted photos using Recoverit in Windows system. Well, it is extremely simple. You just need to follow these simple steps:

How to recover deleted photos using Recoverit

1.Open the Recoverit photo recovery software

2.From the data recovery mode options, select ‘deleted files recovery’ option.

3.Chose the location from where your photos have been deleted. Click ‘start’. This will start a scan.

After the completion of the scan, a list of all recovered photos will be displayed

Click on ‘Recover’ to restore your photos on your system.


No matter how good a product is, it is useless if the company doesn’t offer an apt and efficient customer care support. Recoverit comes with 24 * 7 tech support that too at free of cost. You can have queries regarding the product resolved easily with their astounding service.

Recoverit is certainly construed to be the best photo recovery software. Recoverit has been in the recovery task since 2003 and hence it has evolved to come out as the best product. It has more than 5,000,000 users spread in more than 160 countries. This wide popularity of Recoverit can be attributed to its wide range of applicability, awe-inspiring features and conscionable cost. You also get 7-days money back guarantee with this product. This is a must-have product.

You can download Recoverit using the link https://recoverit.wondershare.com/data-recovery.html.

You can also download it directly from here


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