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Pure VPN, is it worth it?

Usually, a VPN that is used for security purposes, there are many reasons applicable for using a VPN Service. VPN service is usually used to hide the true identity of the person on the internet. It also helps to protect all internet activity, search history, and other essential stuff from the internet service provider and other internet users. There are many kinds of VPN available on the internet. Pure VPN is one such premium service.


The Pure VPN has more than 2000+ services over 140 countries. It has unlimited bandwidth services. The performance and speed of the pure VPN are way too good.it provides the P2P compatibility and also security-wise, it has a top-level security program. The military-based encryption is also used in the pure VPN, and they are also specialized in the port forwarding technique. These are some of the god features of the pure VPN. In this article, we will see about premium version VPN, Pure VPN, and we will discuss whether it worth it or not. Here comes another purevpn review.

Unblock famous sites

Nothing is good when compared to the VPN that can unblock all the good sites on the internet. Netflix series, Hulu, and some of the popular websites that are available on the internet. But these websites are not available on the internet. They are blocked in some other countries. So the people who love to use these websites, but unfortunately, they are stuck in their country. Then they don’t have to worry. Buy installing the pure VPN, you can unblock almost all popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, BBC i player, and many more.

Speed of Pure VPN

If you want to watch videos, movies, stream, or do any other things. It is essential to know that. While using a VPN, speed will be an issue. Because the data have to travel a long way to the server. And hence, there will be some speed issues. Whenever we work with any VPN, the high-speed internet connection is a mandatory one.

Many people use pure VPN, the premium version, to experience the best features of using the VPN. But while using the pure VPN, the speed is not that noticeable. It remains the same with a little bit of improvement. If you want to know your internet connection, then you can do that thing by considering three factors, such as download speed, upload speed, and also the ping speed of the internet. When it comes to torrenting, the pure VPN is excellent. And also, it offers p2p file support. It also has a unique profile, specially made for torrenting. It helps in experiencing the fast and secure file sharing scheme.


The pure VPN is reliable when it comes to safety. The no-log policy of pure VPN, came under fire, when it involved in a criminal investigation.ads are one of the most irritating things, for any internet user. Sometimes these ads will bring spam to the account. And hence, it would be very significant to have an ad blocker. Pure VPN helps people with blocking the ads. The ad blocker facility is available in the VPN. It has DNS., automatic kill switch, IPV6, and leak protection security policies.

Operates in China?

China is one country where all the entertainment media such as facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and other top website are geo-blocked. The only VPN that survives in china and has servers there is the pure VPN.


Like other VPN, Pure VPN does not offer any free trial policies to the people. It is a significant drawback of a pure VPN. But it provides another offer, that is, 31-day money-back guarantee. So the people can check whether they made the right decision or not.

Wrapping Up

Well, in this article, we have seen about pure VPN, some of the main features of the pure VPN, and also we discussed whether the pure VPN is worth it or not. The content mentioned above and the information will be beneficial for the person who is struggling to decide whether they can buy a pure VPN or not. To know more about pure VPN and it services, go through the review article here.


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